Clear Doubt and Fear on Tuesdays 🪂

Rewire Your Limiting Patterns and Beliefs from Lack and Fear to Love and Fuel.
Clear Doubt and Fear on Tuesdays 🪂

Tuesdays are for growing your Sacred Muscles of Self-Belief by Rewiring Your Limiting Patterns and Beliefs

Allow Fenix and Dr. Zoë to inspire and support you in turning just 7 minutes into the awareness, understanding and ability for releasing doubt, fear and any unwanted pattern or belief.

Get Ready to Learn and Master:

🧶 Believe in yourself and your dreams again
🧶 Transform unwanted energy into clear energy for moving forward
🧶 Rewire your neurological patterns back to Love
🧶 Understand how your unconscious belief systems hold you back
🧶 Gradually, over time, rewire all beliefs for the love and life you want

In Just 7 Minutes a Day...

Learn How to Grow the Sacred Muscles you need to truly Love Your Self and Adore Your Life.

I'm In.

Drawing from Recent Studies in NeuroScience, the Principles of Spiritual Psychology and Dr. Zoë's Own Personal Healing Journey...

Loving Support and Practical, Proven Steps

Our daily coaching guides will uplift and inspire you AND guid you on a journey to personal growth and thriving in your life through practical step-by-step guides.

Believe in You MORE.

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Ok... tell me about Wednesday...

About the author
Dr. Zoë & Fenix

Dr. Zoë & Fenix

The ultimate happy coaching combo. Fenix supports humans be their best selves and beyond. Dr. Zoë adds a little science and strategy.

Love YourSelf...Love Your Life.

We help sensitive people love their lives, through learning how to love themselves.

Love YourSelf, Love Your Life.

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