Slow & Steady Wins 🐢

Working faster and harder doesn't guarantee success. Research favors slowing down, practicing mindfulness, and avoiding overdrive for better outcomes during stress. 🐾
Slow & Steady Wins 🐢

Just One Paw After the Other

It doesn’t matter how quickly we move forward, it just matters that we keep going... one paw at a time!

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True or False: If You Work Faster and Harder, You'll Win?

I have spent years researching the benefits of slowing down: of mindfulness and meditation. And the research strongly leans in favor of slowing down and being mindful if you want to be more effective in your desired outcomes. [1] [2]

When We're Stressed, It Can Be Hard to Slow Down

One of the biggest things that stops us from naturally being present and enjoying our life, is the way that our nervous system in moments of stress and challenge, pushes us to do more, fix something, figure something out, do more, be better, work harder.

In moments of stress and challenge if we can learn how NOT to jump into OverDrive and 'Fix Something', or 'Do More'... we can clear the imbalance in our nervous system, and experience greater clarity and peace for moving forward.

This 6-Step Rewiring Process will help you learn how to let go of the excess pressure from your nervous system, so that you can reconnect with your calm and creative Life-Force.

And remember the hugest key we have is our own self-love and self-compassion. If we can just keep gradually shifting from pushing, punishing and pressuring ourselves to do more, to being kind, sweet, soft, compassionate and forgiving...we are rewiring our neural pathways over time with that shift in energy.

Sacred Workout 💪

Slowing Down for Greater Success & Joy

The next time you find yourself moving forward pushed by fear, stress or anxiety, consider taking 7 minutes or so, and doing the 6-Step Rewiring Process.

R – Relax your body, let go of the world outside of you, and breathe.
As you let go of the world outside of you, embrace and experience the world within you. [1]
Ask to be filled with the Highest Good, the Highest Light, the Highest Love. [2]

E – Embrace whatever fears, doubts and negative thinking you have.
Accept that you have fears, or doubts, or negative thoughts. Let that be ok. [3]
Let yourself have compassion for having a tough time right now. [4]

W – Write down what your Fear / Doubt / Thoughts are saying.
Allow them to write until they have nothing left to say. [5]
Now ask your body is there anything you are still holding onto? Keep writing until it says nothing. [6]

I – Inquire about how this experience is strengthening & expanding you?
How might this experience be FOR you (rather than AGAINST you)? [7]
And what do you need to focus on your own growth and healing? [8]

R – Rewire and Reframe all connected beliefs
Say: “I forgive myself for buying into the misbelief that… “ [9]
Keep saying and completing that sentence until you feel still and silent inside.

E – Experience the truth
Say: “AND The truth is that I am… “ [10]
Keep completing your truth until you feel Whole, Healthy and overflowing with Love.

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