Fenix & Dr. Zoë's Rainbow Bridge Club 🌈

Everyone is Invited to be a part of this Completely Fantastic Club ✨ 🐈 🐕 🐁 🦜 🐇 🐍 🐠 🐎 🐄 🐖 🐓 🦡 🐿 🦅 🐒 🦆 🦉
Fenix & Dr. Zoë's Rainbow Bridge Club 🌈

Join us for our Next Rainbow Bridge Club 🌈 Call Tuesday May 7 @ 5pm Pacific!

Everyone is invited to this free call. It is a safe and sacred space for us to feel the big Love we have for our animal angels.

We have time and space to feel and grieve, and time and space to Celebrate and Connect more fully with our friends that have passed over that Rainbow Bridge too.

Dr. Zoë Lumiere will support anyone seeking professional guidance along their pet grieving / reconnecting journey. And we have time for group sharing, so that we can be supported and inspired by each other.

If you have any questions about the call – please email our Technical Director Berna @ support@allowinglove.org.

We hope to see you soon!

Schedule of Free Calls – Save the Dates

So this is an experiment! If we continue to have folks turn up and get value we'll keep doing the calls!

We're going to try these times first, and adjust as needed, to try and support as many people in various timezones as we can.

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The Magic of Healing ❤️‍🩹

The grief and heartache we go through as our furry best friends travel from this realm into the Spirit ✨ is like no other.

While in this club we'll ALL be encouraged to grieve and feel and heal Our Own Way... (because that's truly all we've got, we've all got to find our own way through these very painful times, and we've got to learn how to trust and know that our way is right for us, even if it doesn't look like another's path.) AND... Dr. Zoë will be encouraging us kindly and gently to awaken to the loving, compassion, forgiveness and healing through this process.

In many ways losing a furry best friend can be the hardest because our animals can feel like they are an extension of us. So it can be like losing a part of you when they leave their physical form. And so during this process we have the opportunity to heal and reclaim certain parts of ourselves as we receive and reclaim our pet inside our hearts.

The Miracle that is a Dog, both in this life, and beyond 😇

I'm not going to get too woo-woo in our calls (I don't think... but I might 😬)

I will be walking the very fine line of my grounded background in Psychology, with my own ecumenical Spiritual belief system.

Everyone will ALWAYS be encouraged to be responsible for their own beliefs and all beliefs that are grounded in loving and compassion are welcome in our Rainbow Bridge Club.

And I will also be vocal with my own beliefs that dogs are a special breed of angel, that have a particular purpose on this planet. They are messengers, guides, teachers of Unconditional Loving, Compassion and Forgiveness. And if we will let them, their demonstration of love and compassion can change our life and our world forever.

Your animal's angelic support for you does NOT stop when they cross the Rainbow Bridge 🌈 ... In many ways their support for you can grow once they are anchored in the Spirit ✨

So this is gonna be Magical and Miraculous, but it's also gonna get Messy.

And I don't just mean mascara down the face kind of messy, I mean maybe just a little discombobulating and confusing at times.

It truly is a profound paradox – it's both breathtakingly beautiful and transcendent: heavenly...And yep also painful and heart breaking.

So it's going to be our number 1 intention just to have enough love, space, time, patience, compassion and kindness for each other to hold that huge big confusing, paradoxical mess.

We're gonna do our best to stay out of our heads – this is not an intellectual endeavor. And this Club is one that will call and show all of us how to live more fully in our hearts.

We'll be taking a poll for the best time of the day and week for these calls. And we'll be doing various times from week to week to accommodate as many people as we can.

Look out for these updates soon!!!!

We love you. Fenix and Zoë 🤗


How it all began...

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