Reframing Failure 🌋

Reframe failure and rise with kindness and compassion. Embrace your inner child, heal with love and softness, and discover profound changes in your life. Shake off disappointment and move forward with this effective strategy.
Reframing Failure 🌋
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We all feel small, not enough, broken and useless sometimes.

Yep everyone.

So many of us think that pushing, pressuring and even punishing ourselves when we are on the floor and feeling terrible… is  the way to do more, to do better.

But psychologically we know that doesn’t work.

What works is softness, kindness, loving and compassion.

It feels counter-intuitive, but just try it. See if it works for you.

The next time you feel not-enough, or like a failure… let yourself treat yourself like you would treat your child, or like Fenix… if they came into the room feeling bad about themselves and feeling really down.

Trust Science.

If you treat YOURSELF with the same sweetness, softness and kindness that you deserve in moments of ‘failure’ or whenever you feel anything less than a HUGE WHOPPING SUCCESS… you’ll get back up faster, with more energy, more belief, and confidence and courage than ever.

We all need Love, Softness and Compassion. And YOU’RE the one to give it to you. Ok let’s dive deep with today’s guide.

A Self-Compassion Workout ❤️‍🔥

Inspired by the ‘Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself’

This strategy is inspired by Dr Kristin Neff’s book and her extensive research on Self-Compassion.

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