Sacred Circle πŸ’« Membership [NEW]

No one goes through life alone. Get Life-Changing Support. Backed by Science. Sent with Love. Designed to Grow YOU into Your Unique Sacred Gifts & Greatness.

The Sacred Circle πŸ’«
Membership Grants You:

1. LIVE Calls, Monday & Friday πŸ“Ή

Join Dr. ZoΓ« and Fenix Every Monday at 10am, and Friday at 4pm. Get 1on1 guidance from ZoΓ«. And be consistently guided into living your dreams and callings and clearing your challenges.

2. Advanced Life-Coaching Support, daily πŸ†

Every day be inspired to grow your Sacred Muscles and create more of the life you want. Learn how to believe in yourself, clear your doubts and fears, and move courageously on what matters most to you. We hope you absolutely adore our Daily Emails, and remember you can change your Email Preferences anytime to get the Weekly Summary instead.

3. Support for Living Your Calling ⛡️

Every week you'll be encouraged to complete the Weekly Celebration πŸŽ‰ Check-in to bring you greater awareness, compassion and celebration as you show up for living your Heartfelt Dreams and Soul-Led Callings in life. Every week you'll be inspired to keep growing into the Sacred Muscles you need to live your calling. The dashboard has step by step guides from learning how to:
β€’ Clarify what you're being called to move on and create
β€’ Unleashing the courage and consistent action you need
β€’ Celebrate and back yourself along the way

4. Clearing Your Challenges πŸ¦‹

Every month you'll be encouraged to complete the Monthly Growth 🌺 Check-in so that you can overtime be more aware of your limiting patterns, past conditions and how to continue to clear, heal and release what's holding you back. Every week you'll be inspired to keep growing into the Sacred Muscles you need to live your feel, heal and rewire. The dashboard has step by step guides from learning how to:
β€’ Heal the old wounds holding you back
β€’ Rewire the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck
β€’ Use your emotional challenges to guide you in your neurological rewiring

5. Access to Dr. ZoΓ« to ask questions and guidance πŸ’Œ

For a limited time, you'll be able to ask Dr. ZoΓ« and Fenix any question for support and guidance: email
You can also email our Tech Director and Incredible Assistant Berna anytime you have a techy question: email
Unfortunately Fenix is not yet on email 🀣 but he does help Zoë respond to all of her emails.

Designed by Dr. ZoΓ« Lumiere

These techniques and tools literally saved my life. From abuse and adversity…to addiction and an eating disorder…to feeling everyday lost and empty. These experiences have helped me find Big, Bold, Brave Love for myself, my Life, and for the whole world. I hope they serve you too.

Start Your Transformation Now

Inspired by Fenix Lumiere

This is Fenix. You probably know him as the Happy Dog. Abandoned and almost euthanized for being different, Fenix' example of transforming his neurological disorder into his Unique Sacred Gifts has inspired the globe. Let his infectious prance, and his pure unconditional Love, guide you through overcoming all in your way and more.

Let Fenix Inspire You Into Your Overcoming

The Sacred Circle Dashboard

Practical Step-by-Step Guides for growing your Sacred Muscles of: Self-Courage, Self-Belief, Clarity, Manifestation, Intuition, Self-Healing, Self-Kindness, Radical Self-Love and More.

Get FULL Access NOW

Fenix and I have created this Sacred Circle to support people like YOU.

People that have huge hearts and easily give their own time, resources and love away to others, and are NOW READY to learn how to support themselves and prioritize your own life for greater happiness, fulfillment and abundance.

Love YourSelf...Love Your Life

Grow Your Sacred Muscles of Self-Belief, Self-Courage, Self-Love and More πŸ’«

Love YourSelf, Love Your Life.

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