If you’re gonna cry, grab a clear container 🥛

Discover the power of embracing your emotions and creating a clear container for healing and rewiring. Transform suffering into love, compassion, and oneness with yourself and others. ❤️‍🔥 #Rewiring #Healing
If you’re gonna cry, grab a clear container 🥛

I'll try to keep this one short. Let's see if that's possible 🤣

The idea I had for this post came to me during my morning meditation.

We suffer to understand our true nature as Love, Compassion, and Healing

I don't know anyone who doesn't experience some form of suffering.

From the minor sufferings of doubts and frustrations.

To the more intense experiences of pain and grief. We all have a wonderful chance to support and love ourselves.

The spiritual gift hidden in our human suffering is the knowledge that we are healers.

It is easy to understand that our purpose is to be human.

But we are also here to realize that we are a divine spark: we are source energy, life-force, and unconditional love. We are an unseen soul that is more powerful than our mind can ever understand.

And it is during our moments of suffering that we have the most profound opportunities to truly experience our essence as love, light, and soul.

Whenever I feel my feelings, I create a clear container of healing

I do my best, in any given moment, to lift into the Spiritual Altitude of the present moment.

If I feel down, or doubtful, I allow myself to lift into the joy, love and peace of Spirit.

And sometimes, despite a clear conscious intention to lift into Joy and Spirit, I feel crappy and I can’t shake it.

So I share with clients many times, if your upset feelings or moments of suffering are:

• Irrational

• Big

• Recurring

Consider you have a powerful opportunity on your hands, for:

• Rewiring limiting beliefs and the neural pathways holding them in place

• Clearing karma

• Experiencing greater love, compassion and oneness with yourself and all others.

So in those moments when I consciously choose to allow my human fears and feelings, I create a clear container with the following steps.

And no, I don’t grab a glass jar or tupperware container to catch my tears 🤣

Steps for Creating a Clear Container for Rewiring

  1. Connect with the Highest Good: Ask for the highest good for yourself and this clearing and healing experience. Simply ask silently, "God, please clear all karma for the highest good, and transform all that's present into Love and Light."
  2. Acknowledge and Validate the Human Experience: There are various ways to work with emotions. Use the method that works best for you. The one I consistently use with myself and clients is this: 4 Steps for Rewiring
  3. Love and Support the Human Experience: Finish by loving your human self. You can consider:

a. Giving yourself a big hug

b. Speaking kind and compassionate words to that human part of you

c. Asking your feelings what they need and providing that for yourself

d. Thanking yourself for having the courage to be vulnerable and authentically feel and heal

e. Following the guidance of your loving heart for anything else to do

Learning how to truly hold and heal my human, has enabled me to clear and rewire my most dysfunctional patterns in life.

Learning how to be vulnerable and emotional, has created the most authentic relationship with myself and others.

I hope this simple outline for creating a clear container for your more emotional and challenging moments in life, serves you well.

I love you!


👋🏼 Whenever you're ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

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Dr. Zoë Lumiere

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