Are you living the 3 Magic Habits?

Are you ready to unleash the power of the 3 Magic Habits? Transform your life with self-love, self-courage, and self-compassion. #MagicHabits #Transformation
Are you living the 3 Magic Habits?

The Magic 3

I have been sharing for years, about the 3 magic habits I’m committed to.

I don’t do them perfectly. But I do them consistently. All 3 of them.

Usually we easily show up for 1 or 2, but there’s an alchemical change that happens when we live all 3.

1. Time in Source Energy.

Some kind of Self-Loving, Self-honoring practice in the morning. For me that’s meditation and walking my dog. It’s time being filled and fueled by our own Source Energy.

In essence it’s charging my battery 🔋

2. Receiving Clear Next Steps from Source.

Next we need a way to ground that source energy into clarity and action for today. I do this directly after my meditation. I use the 5 step Spiritual Manifestation meditation to get clear on what’s for my highest good today, not just in terms of next steps, but the frequency and energy I need too.

In essence it’s setting my compass 🧭 and getting the map for today 🗺

3. Rewiring Our Limiting Patterns

No matter how clear we are on where we’re going our karmic blindspots or limiting patterns will always serve to grow us in Love and Compassion along the way. I use the 4 step Rewiring process to consistently clear and balance my emotions and karma.

In essence it’s continuing to use our blocks as the stepping stones they are 🏔

I find that typically we have a natural inclination to do 1 or 2.

But very rarely does a person find it easy to do all 3.

Maybe you love meditating, but then grounding that down into clear next steps and energy for your day is missing.

Maybe you love getting clear on your dreams and direction, but when your blocks come up you find it so hard to be with yourself so you can love and clear those patterns.

And hey maybe you love the self-healing work, but you’re just not a morning person.

I have seen too many miracles with clients, as ALL 3 of these HABITS line up for them, to not share about this so boldly.

And yes it is NOT for everyone! But if you WOULD like a little help. A little loving guidance. I have a NEW program that might support you.

My habits have the hold my hand through the toughest times

We need habits NOW more than ever.

They help us live in the eye of the storm.

The world can feel like it’s being blown apart, and our consistent daily habits have the power to connect us into the spiritual heart of why we’re here and how to get through.

Yep the Gym and getting Your Greens is Great… but Where is the Love?

More and more science is providing us with hard evidence that Love matters.

In 20 years or less, I would bet a lot of money, that we’ll have so much science that shows that our ability to have love, compassion and forgiveness for ourselves, is even MORE critical to health and happiness, than going to the gym and getting our greens.

And the wonderful way this works, is that the more we LOVE ourselves, the MORE we make healthy decisions! Getting to the gym and our greens becomes a byproduct, rather than the focus.

A NEW Program that will hold your hand, and help you curate your own Unique 3 Magic Habits

I have been offering Sacred7 ‘uncoaching’ programs for almost 7 years now. And I’m so excited to launch it in a Solo, Self-Paced program for Thanksgiving. This NEW program also comes with 12 months worth of community calls – Q&A calls with me – so that while the program is designed for you to dive into the resources on your own and in your own timing, that every week we’ll have multiple calls for you to get live support from me.

AND there will be a NEW Hybrid Version Available including 1on1 Coaching with Me

This actually all came about because someone made a heartfelt request for this. I now have 3 incredibly beautiful Souls experiencing this NEW hybrid program of 1on1 sessions WITH the Sacred7 online program. And it’s been mindblowing. And I’ll have some real testimonials for you soon.

So this is just heads up. I’ll be sharing more soon. And launching around Thanksgiving

You can preview the information that I am still tweaking – and the dashboard will hopefully be available by November 20.

I love you. Thanks for all your love and support.

Please do feel free to share the love. If you know of someone that’s having a tough time and needs support expanding into the kind of self-love and compassion we all deserve and need to heal and thrive – please do share my info with them.

I love you. Zoë

Who’s Ready for More Magic?!

  1. Join Us For Monday Morning Magic LIVE! We'll guide you through a process designed to give you a clear intention, your most important next steps, and all the energy, enthusiasm and love you need to have the best week ever. Next Call is Monday November 13. No Call November 6.
  2. Practice the Allowing.Love™ 5 Steps! It’s a free training. Learn how to live your calling and clear your daily challenges with clear intuition and much more self-compassion.
  3. Work with me in 1on1: I have current availability for one new client. Chat with me here.
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Dr. Zoë Lumiere

Dr. Zoë Lumiere

Zoë supports human beings in rewiring: clearing the unconscious blocks holding them back from loving themselves and adoring their lives.

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