The Sacred7 Experience ๐Ÿช‚

The Sacred7 Experience will support you in
Boldly and Bravely Living Your Calling.

It's our limiting patterns that keep us small, stuck, separate and self-sabotaging.

It's NOT a lack of willpower or laziness that holds us back from achieving what we're called to. It's our conditioning and unconscious wiring.

The Sacred7 Experience will hold your hand and support you in rewiring these patterns from lack and fear to Courage and Love.

There are 3 Ways to Dive into the Sacred7 Experience

1on1 Sessions with Zoรซ

Gives you the opportunity for direct healing and rewiring from her loving support and expert guidance.

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In Your Own Time

Use the online resources for your own self-healing and wiring to create the Life You Love.

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Small Group Support

Get encouragement and build supportive relationships as you heal and rewire your life for more Love.

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We Finally Have the Science that Proves That it IS Love that Heals.

Relational Neuroscience now shows us that it is compassion and forgiveness that rewires our neural pathways from our limiting patterns of freeze, flight and fight, back to Love.

This isn't rocket science. It's Self-Love. It's Self-Compassion. And it's grounded in life-changing habits proven by Spiritual Psychology, Neuroscience and Spiritual Science.

Get ready to release the patterns holding you back, so that you can share and shine in your Gifts and Greatness...

We Are All Being Called
into Our Gifts
and Our Greatness
Right Now.

The program isnโ€™t about making things happen in your life.

Itโ€™s not a hard push to achieve a goal.

Itโ€™s about slowing down, finding whatโ€™s MOST important to you in your life, and transforming the ways you both consciously and unconsciously hold back from living what you love.

Get Ready to Live Your Calling.

The Sacred7 Experience is designed to support you in receiving and clarifying your calling.

You will learn 3 life-changing habits that will support you in:

  1. Knowing what you truly want to do with this stunning life of yours. You'll learn techniques for receiving your intuition and clarifying the clear intentions and next steps that will support you in moving on your dreams and your calling.
  2. Showing Up More! You'll learn daily methods for having the courage and consistent action you need to truly move on your dreams and your calling.
  3. Rewiring Your Limiting Patterns. You'll learn how to develop a new relationship with your fears and your feelings, and how to see them as the clear energetic pathway to self-healing and neurological rewiring.
  4. Rewiring Back to Love. You'll find that as you learn how to consistently rewire from lack and fear, back to Love, Courage and Consistent Action, that you have much more energy, happiness and peace.
  5. Unconditional Loving & Compassionate Forgiveness. You'll learn the ancient wisdoms that are now being proven by modern science. You'll learn how to love, how to forgive, and how to make peace with your life.
  6. Having More Energy! You'll learn how to we consistently alchemize your fear and feelings into energy for moving forward.
  7. Sharing More of Your Love and Work with the World!!! Get ready to boldly and bravely share more of You with those around you. This brings greater abundance into your career, and greater intimacy into your relationships.
  8. Adoring Your Life and Feeling Authentic Gratitude for Yourself and Your World. Learning how to have an authentic and supportive relationship with your authentic self, sets you up to fall in Love with You, Your Life, and all that's in it.

The 8 Modules to Guide You.

If you want to be
pushed & whipped
into shape.
This is NOT
the program
for you.

There is NO Loving your life,
without Loving yourself.

We'll be uncovering and living greater Self-Love and Self-Compassion than perhaps you thought possible. And get ready to find out that it's way more motivating than pushing, punishing and pressuring yourself.

We'll be inspired by ancient wisdoms,
proven by modern science.


1on1 with Zoรซ

4-month Adventure

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1on1 with Zoรซ 4-Month Adventure

Investment: $1700 (The value of this program is over $3,000).
Individual Sessions: 8 Sessions with Zoรซ (1-hour sessions) every other week over your 4-month program.
Online Sacred7 Program: Full access to The Sacred7 Online Dashboard.
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Zoรซ has worked with thousands of clients now, with remarkable outcomes โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ

She has helped scores of people clear their blocks to a healthy, loving relationship. In fact she has actually performed the wedding ceremony for just 3 of her clients.

She has helped hundreds of people clear their blocks to an abundant and fulfilling business / career.

She has helped thousands of people online, because she gives all of these resources and tools away for free. Online at

Read the Kudos for 1on1 Sessions with Zoรซ


Small Group

4-month Adventure

Schedule a Sacred7 Discovery Call

Small Group 4-Month Adventure

Investment: $1200
Small Group Sessions: 8 Sessions every other week over your 4-month program. Sessions will be facilitated by Zoรซ, and you will have up to another 5 participants in your small group.
Online Sacred7 Program: Full access to The Sacred7 Online Dashboard.
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Small Group Magic ๐Ÿช„

We are in our 7th year of running small group programs and each and every year that continue to get more magical.

We know how to create a confidential, safe and loving container for participants.

The small group experience creates life-long relationships, and supports everyone in experiencing that we All Have Challenges in life, and we are ALL profoundly gifted and are here to share our Greatness with the world.

Read the Kudos for Sacred7 Small Groups



Self-Paced Adventure

Solo Self-Paced Adventure

Investment: $77 for Lifetime Access during Launch [usually $177]
Online Sacred7 Program:
Full access to The Sacred7 Online Dashboard.
BONUS Community Calls: 12 months Access
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Current BONUS ๐ŸŽ A Loving and Boldly Supportive Community for 12 months

You will also receive 12 months of access to weekly community calls with Zoรซ.

Life DOES take a village. If you'd love more community and would love to be connected with some kind, compassionate, and wildly supportive people, this is a wonderful perk.

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He's excited to support you in Living Your Calling too!!!

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What People Have to Say...

The Sacred7 has evolved over the last 7 years.

Finally, it's available in a completely online solo self-paced adventure, so anyone can learn the skills and develop the habits to truly transform their life.

But don't take our word for it...

Payment Plans Are Available Upon Request


If you arenโ€™t completely satisfied working with Dr. Zoรซ Lumiere, let us know within the first 30-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

This work isn't a fit for everyone, but if it does speak to YOU [and yes it's scary and it costs money and yes you're busy...] but if you're called, please listen to that inner call. It's worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my results guaranteed?

If you show up vulnerably with an open mind and an open heart, you will experience shifts and transformation. While we do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, this work is NOT focused on results. Working with Dr. Zoรซ is much less about RESULTS or physical world outcomes, and is much more about experience, peace of mind, happiness, genuine fulfillment, self-love, self-acceptance and self-compassion. Yes this inner healing work does clear the blocks to the experiences that you would love in your life, but the experiences you REALLY want might not be the ones in your mind right now. I can't really guarantee any aspect of this work. I can however tell you that I have never had a client that has asked for a refund.

What does a typical session usually involve?

No session is ever the same and I do not follow a format or formula. I work intuitively and in response to you and your experience. I can let you know we will dive in along 2 parallel paths. The first path is your calling โ€“ what are those experience you want more of?! What dreams or desires would you love to receive more of in your life? We will spend time allowing your heart to clarify your life at this time. And the other parallel path is your challenges โ€“ where is the ๐Ÿ’ฉ hitting the fan? It is in diving into the emotionally challenging moments in your life that we have the clearest, quickest and most graceful access to your karma and how to clear and release your addictions, patterns and blocks. You will have the opportunity to feel those challenges, and to the extent that you are able to be emotionally exposed and vulnerable, deeper healing and clearing may be available. We will conclude with the clear intentions for your life over the next week or month, including any clear next steps your heart wants you to follow through on. These intentions and next steps are emailed to you following your session.

Is it going to hurt?

LOL ๐Ÿ˜‚ Great question. None of us want to hurt, feel pain or feel challenged. I get it. And depending on the experiences you might have suppressed earlier in your life, this work might be more joyful, Light and easy, or it might include moments of hurt feelings, grief and pain. What I can tell you is that at the heart of it all is more Love. And that if you don't resolve those repressed emotions they will affect you subconsciously in ways that create even more challenge, hurt and pain.

How long will it take me to fall in Love?

If you're talking about with yourself, I encourage you to see you're already in Love with yourself, and in just one session your experience of that will be much richer. And if you are looking to find your life partner, I encourage you to hold that as a clear, constant intention, but to focus on falling more fully in love with yourself.

What are your credentials?

I have a Doctorate in Spiritual Science [2011] from Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy and a Masters in Spiritual Psychology including an advanced concentration in Consciousness, Health & Healing [2013] from the University of Santa Monica. I also studied Clinical Psychology at the University of Queensland in Australia, before abandoning the degree because of an inner conflict with the traditional Psychological perspective. I am also an ordained minister [2004] in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness and have been a spiritual counselor and workshop facilitator for 20+ years.

How long have you been in private practice?

I began my private practice in 2015, and have been working 1on1 and in groups with clients full-time since then.

Do I need to have a particular religious or spiritual belief system?

Yes. You need to be open to Love. If you are adamant that Love does not exist, then my work might not be a great fit for you. You do not need to believe in Love, in it's miraculous healing powers, but I am asking you to simply be open.

Is there anything else I should know?

My Mum died when I was 14 and I was sexually abused through my childhood. These experiences set me upon a path of self-destruction and addiction. What supports me in truly being able to hold space and walk others from limiting patterns and dysfunction to healing, happiness and inner freedom, is that I have intimately experienced the darkest corners of my own path. I didn't know that it was possible to completely overcome an eating disorder, because mental health professionals told me it was not possible, but I have overcome bulimia. And I have overcome drug addiction. I'm not saying that is possible for everyone, but it is possible. I'm also incredibly proud of my marriage, and it is a testament to the profound Love and Intimacy we are capable of when we choose to learn how to love and overcome traumatic and painful moments. I would walk every inch of my life over again if I had to, because the Love, Joy and Connectedness that I now have, is because of how much Love I have poured into myself in order to transform and release the pain, misunderstandings and misbeliefs from my past. This deep inner work is my life's work, and I adore it. I share this passion with my husband. And now even my dog is helping me share self-healing with the world.

There is no loving your life,
without loving your self.

Let us show you...
just how magical life can be.

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