The Placebo Effect 💊

The Placebo Effect 💊

First, From Fenix 🐺,

So OK you guessed it. I actually don’t understand the placebo effect, I’m a dog. But I do understand wishful thinking, and it works every time. I can Jedi-mind-trick my Mum into doing almost anything I want! Just watch. And if you want to unpack your super powers, Mum’s gonna help you unpack the Placebo Effect 👇

Love 🐾 #YourHappyCoach, Fenix xoxo

Dr. Zoë Lumiere

The Strategy • Unpacking the Placebo Effect

When it comes to the placebo effect, Dr. Joe Dispenza has a lot to say. In his research and teachings, he highlights the incredible power we have as humans to harness the placebo effect and use it to our advantage. [1]

The placebo effect is when a person feels better even though they didn't get any real medicine. It's because they think the “pretend medicine” or “placebo” will work.

The placebo effect is so strong that all pharmaceutical companies use double-blind studies to control for the placebo effect in their research. In other words, our power to just believe ourselves healthy, is so strong, even pharmaceutical companies acknowledge it.

Dr. Dispenza takes this idea a step further by emphasizing the importance of visualization and intention in the placebo effect. He believes that by visualizing a positive outcome and setting a clear intention, we can activate the body's innate healing abilities and experience real physical changes.

One example of this is seen in a study where patients with knee osteoarthritis were given a placebo cream and instructed to apply it to their knee twice a day. The participants were split into two groups, with one group being told that the cream was a placebo and the other group being told that it was an active pain-relieving cream. Surprisingly, both groups experienced a significant reduction in pain and stiffness, with the group who believed they were using an active cream experiencing slightly better results.

This study highlights the power of belief and intention. We can tap into the body's natural healing abilities and experience real changes in our physical, mental and emotional health on all levels.

So let’s dive into how we can apply the Placebo Effect for happiness in our every day lives. Let’s do it.

Love, Zoë

STEP BY STEP • Believe In Your Health & Your Happiness 

Dr. Zoë Lumiere

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