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Location: Online via Video Conferencing Click Here to Join Call
Dates: All Thursdays in 2023 until further notice
Time: 9:30am – 10:30am Pacific Time (The information and closed eye meditation takes 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of sharing and community support).
Tuition: Complimentary, Donation Encouraged

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Join Zoë us Every Thursday at 9:30am Pacific!

These calls will also be made available via YouTube Podcast. So if you can't join us LIVE, catch the recordings here.

I am committed to sharing about the recent brain science research that supports that Self-Compassion IS MORE MOTIVATING and helps us change and grow and improve, much more than Self-Criticism. And some clear and practical ideas for how you can curate your own adventure 🧠

We can clear the patterns holding us back, but in my experience, sometimes our blind spots or karmas, are held in the unresolved emotions of the past. Learning how to feel our Big, Irrational, and Repetitive emotional challenges is the START of using these moments to clear and rewire neurologically. But it's NOT just about feeling. That's the first piece, but it is lifting into an unconditionally loving, compassionate and forgiving energy that is what is also required to rewire.

These Thursdays are for the ongoing adventure of Neurologically Rewiring our Brains back to Love! Back to the big, hopeful, expansive and unlimited energy our brain is capable of.

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Rewiring back to Love

We hope to see you soon!

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