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Our Coaching Approach

It's been so hard for us to put 'the work' that we do into a label, or box.

It's not Conventional Life Coaching.

Life coaching is typically defined as: helping clients make, meet and exceed goals in their personal and professional lives.

We are NOT about Goal Setting and Making Them Happen

In our experience focusing only on external outcomes can easily activate our limiting patterns, and while it can deliver short-term success, it might be to the detriment of long-term fulfillment and success.

We ARE about Rewiring our Limiting Patterns

We have experienced that rewiring the limiting patterns or beliefs that we hold inside about ourselves and our life, is far more powerful for creating the kinds of outcomes and experiences that we want in life. And according to recent research in neuroscience: identifying and clearing limiting patterns causes the physical changes in the brain that result in new neural pathways that lead to long-term positive change, authentic fulfillment and overall well-being.

Leading-Edge Research in Neuroscience

Recent research in Applied Neuroscience shows us that the brain is wired for survival, and it is usually our emotions that will trump clear thinking in decision-making.

It is Self-Love and Self-Compassion that Rewires our Patterns

OK we don't have conclusive research on this yet. But the Beatles knew it. And every Spiritual Teacher on the planet knows it. It IS Love that heals. And science has started to prove that it is compassion and forgiveness that helps us change and rewire.

We Work on Your Callings & Your Clearing

We work on 2 complimentary tracks within your consciousness and your life: Your Callings or Dreams (Dharma) and Your Clearing or Blocks (Karma).

You Are Being Called into a Life You Love: Your Dharma

Our work together clarifies what you truly want to experience on this beautiful Earth at this time. Together we will awaken to the dreams, intentions and next steps that will support you in living your Callings.
And through this process together you will also learn these skills that you will have guide you for the rest of your life:
• How to trust yourself and your intuition
• How to allow your Highest Good
• How to lean in and take truly aligned action
• How to transform your fears and feelings into fuel for moving forward

You Have Patterns to Clear: Your Karma

We all have patterns and past conditioning that holds us back from easily showing up for what we are called to give, receive and share in this life. We can consider these patterns are invisible blocks, held in the unconscious. Mindset work, conventional life coaching and traditional therapy doesn't effectively address the blocks in our unconscious, because those approaches focus mostly on your thinking and behavior. Allowing.Love™ uses a unique process that uses your emotions as the most effective backdoor to accessing clarity and awareness of your unconscious material. Yes it's a vulnerable and emotional process. And the most effective way of clearing the blind spots that hold you back, no matter how clear you get mentally, how many affirmations you do, or how much you focus on your mindset and taking action.
Through this process together you will learn:
• How to surrender and release negative emotion
• How to bring awareness into the unconscious source of addictions and patterns
• How to lift into your spiritual awareness through human compassion
• How to live with greater life force by clearing energetic blocks in your body

This Work is NOT for Everyone

There are so many beautiful paths to healing, health and happiness. This adventure is NOT for everyone. But if you sense that for you, a more compassionate, vulnerable and loving approach resonates for you – keep leaning in and trust yourself.

This is NOT tough love. This is SOFT love. The kind of love that truly clears our karma and helps us see what we're here to share with this world.

Spiritual Coaching
Email Coaching
1on1 Spiritual Life Coaching
Monday Morning Magic
Rewiring back to Love

We hope to see you soon!

Love YourSelf. Love Your Life.

Self-Love Coaching with Fenix & Dr. Zoë

Love YourSelf. Love Your Life.

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