The Self-Talk Guide for Taking Action When You Feel Like 💩

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The Self-Talk Guide for Taking Action When You Feel Like 💩

Hey everyone! 😊

I've been more active on social media lately.

The strong urge within me to share, to be bold, and to speak up now feels much louder than the self-doubt of "Who am I to share, to speak, or to be so bold?!"

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for all the love and support I've been receiving. It means the world to me.

Today, I'd like to share a simple guide for the self-talk that IS the heart of this shift: from Not-Enoughness and Fear, to being Big, Bold and Brilliantly YOU.


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Sending lots of love to all of you. Thank you for being here. xoox,


In my last post I shared about NOT taking action when there’s negative emotion within.

It can be summarized as ‘Frequency before action’. But the essence is that aligning with the energy you want to create, taking the time to experience the inner feeling and experience of what you’re creating, will support you in moving forward powerfully.

This quote from Abraham Hicks really describes the power of this intent well:

“The rule of thumb is you never take action when there is negative emotion within you because it will always be counterproductive. Always talk to yourself until you feel better and then follow the inspired action that comes from that open valve.”

So today I want to share a simplified version of the self-talk that I use, to move from experiencing fear and negative feelings when I want to move forward, so that I can experience the kind of frequency and energetic alignment that will serve me well.

My intention here is that it forms the basis of an incredibly kind and healing dialogue, that you will be able to make your own.

So don’t be afraid to tweak it and tailor the dialogue as your Huge Heart guides you into your own unique self-talk.

Here is a 4-step process for rewiring back to love and spending compassionate and kind self-talk with our fears and feelings:

  1. Curiously and compassionately ask yourself: How ARE you feeling? Take a moment to check in with yourself and acknowledge your emotions without judgment. Allow yourself to fully experience and identify how you are feeling in the present moment.
  2. Allow great acceptance, understanding, and embrace for your feelings and fears. Instead of pushing your emotions away or trying to suppress them, offer yourself unconditional acceptance and understanding. Embrace your feelings and fears as natural and valid parts of your human experience.
  3. Ask your feelings and fears: What do you need? Is there something that you need, in order to move forward in complete cooperation and courage? Set aside your rational mind and listen to your emotions and fears with an open heart. Inquire within and ask them directly what they need from you. Be receptive to their messages and insights.
  4. Use your intention, imagination, and intuition to give yourself what you need. Once you have identified what your feelings and fears require, harness the power of your intention, imagination, and intuition to provide yourself with the love, support, and care that you have discovered. Visualize yourself receiving what you need and cultivate a deep sense of fulfillment and healing.

Remember, this process is about reconnecting with your inner wisdom and nurturing yourself with compassion and understanding. It allows you to tap into the frequency of love and courage, aligning with your soul's highest potential outcome.

Over time, this simple process of…

  1. Allowing myself to feel
  2. and then moving from denying, resisting, avoiding and judging my feelings, to a genuine place of acceptance and compassion
  3. and then genuinely asking my feelings hey what do you need right now? what do you need in order to move forward in complete cooperation?
  4. and finally giving that to myself! Loving myself and slowing down long enough to really give myself what I need: from the inside-out

…has become magical. Miraculous.

And over time it’s like my muscles to transform negative energy into complete courage and cooperation have grown too.

So while this might have taken me 20 minutes years ago, this simple dialogue can now take me 2 minutes. Or less.

I will however say that sometimes a situation does have big karma and or trauma at the heart of it, and so it might require a deeper dive: and might take much longer.

But the essence of the rewiring is still the same. And you can find the full structure for the Rewiring Process here.

Again, thank you so much for being here.

We love you.

Zoë and all of us at Allowing.Love™

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4-Step Self-Talk for Taking Action When You Feel Like 💩

Rewiring Back to Love

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