The Most Powerful Tip for Intuition. It's surprising 😳

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The Most Powerful Tip for Intuition. It's surprising 😳

Throughout my life, I have felt grounded and practical, not spiritual or intuitive.

It took me a while to accept that I can communicate directly with the source, spirit, and find answers within myself.

This is perhaps the best advice I can give to anyone on the journey of opening up more fully to the One within.

The key is simply allowing the authentic and embodied experience of: β€œI don’t know”.

Feeling like we have to, should, or even just want to know something is a surefire way to put our ego in charge.

By allowing ourselves the kind gift of not knowing everything, or anything, we open the door for Spirit, Soul, and Intuition to take the driver's seat of our consciousness.

Most people make their lives more complicated by trying to figure things out before they need to. This is because the feeling of not knowing, the experience of uncertainty, is comfortable, and sometimes even scary or painful.

Embracing the intuitive key of "I don't know" can help us let go, surrender, and let God - which, by the way, is you, not some white man in the clouds. It is the truest and clearest aspect of yourself.

The next time you:

  • Need to make a big decision
  • Are at a crossroads in your career, relationship, or life,
  • Want to feel inspired and on track
  • Are having trouble moving on something

Allow yourself to experience the authenticity of not knowing, not just in your head, but deeply in every cell of your body.

Do your best to embrace the feeling of uncertainty with the following thoughts: "I don’t know. I don’t have to know right now. And it’s completely okay that I don’t know. Everything will be okay even if I never know..."

I hope that serves you as powerfully and profoundly as it has me.

I Do This Every Morning:

Every morning, I take 20 minutes to completely let go of my daily life.

During my meditation practice, I close my eyes and give myself 20 minutes to truly empty and let go of my life. It's like going on a mental vacation. I simply observe whatever pops into my consciousness.

It's almost like I kind of perch just behind myself, and then wait and watch.

I do this because I consistently get 2 amazing things:

  1. I receive clear answers to what is important to me. They just appear! I often receive: Next steps in my business. Fun ideas for my house and travel. Social media post ideas.
  2. And I am reminded of the things that have, or are about to fall through the cracks. They just show up! For example: tasks I need to do around the house, replies to emails and texts, and following through on projects.

Not knowing is awesome. Embracing 'I don't know' has been a game changer in my life.

It helps us expand and feel comfortable in the uncertainty of our lives.

But most importantly, it helps us open to that Source within that is reliably guiding our life into more magic and miracles, if we'll just let go of figuring it all out.

I love you.


On a personal note…

I am currently writing from Hawaii, where we are staying on the Big Island. The image at the top of this page is of Beach 69.

I believe that if I had not taken the time to slow down in the mornings and reflect on my career when I was unhappy, I would not have had the courage to make the difficult decision to quit my job, pursue my own path, and share my authentic coaching. I might not have the abundance, flexibility, and freedom to work just a few hours a day from Hawaii.

If you need some encouragement to slow down in the mornings and focus on putting your soul in charge instead of your ego, then I invite you to join us for Monday Morning Magic!

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  3. Work with me in 1on1: I can take on one new client starting in October.

I love you.

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