Reason #4. Turn the Light ON Each Morning. That Light is You 💡

The most important relationship in your life is with yourself. Whether conscious or unconscious, it affects how you love, care for, and support yourself. Discover the power of turning the light on each morning and cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself.
Reason #4. Turn the Light ON Each Morning. That Light is You 💡

The Most Important Relationship in Your Life Needs Your Time and Energy

I'm referring to your relationship with yourself.

I understand that many of you may feel unsure about this concept. Recognizing that we have a relationship with ourselves is not something that everyone thinks about or has considered before.

However, whether it's unconscious or conscious, you do have a relationship with yourself.

From a spiritual perspective, we could say it's the relationship your soul has with your human self.

From a psychological standpoint, we could say it's the relationship your present self has with your programming, inner child, or past hurts…

But in practical terms, it's about how you choose to love, care for, and support yourself in the present moment. Alternatively, it's about how you criticize, doubt, punish, and belittle yourself.

The number one challenge in our relationship with ourselves is that it's often unconscious.

We often don't know that we're being critical, doubtful, fearful or even cruel to ourselves.

Sometimes we hear that voice of Negative Self-Talk clearly: "I can't believe you did that. You're pathetic. You'll never get there. You're not doing enough."

But sometimes it's unconscious. We don't hear it or notice it. We only end up experiencing the effects on our energy, mood and emotional well-being later.

Something happens at work, and suddenly we feel drained and low. It's only hours later that we realize that Judgy Joe's comment triggered our own self-judgment, and our energy has steadily drained due to our own self-doubt.

A Sacred Morning Practice is the most effective way I know of helping us be more consciously aware of our thoughts, feelings, motivations, fears, doubts, and our life overall. When we can see clearly, we can make clear decisions for what we want, rather than being stuck or engaging in self-sabotage unconsciously.

We learn how to turn the Light ON…each morning.
And that Light is YOU 💡

We become conscious of the energy we are directing towards ourselves. Are we being kind, compassionate, and supportive to ourselves? Or are we being cruel and critical?

We realize how judgmental we can be, and how it affects us negatively and prevents us from getting back on our feet.

And we can start to become aware of how kind and compassionate we can be to ourselves. As we become more aware of the power of Loving Self-Talk, we begin to overcome challenging situations easily, which once sent us spiraling into unconscious self-pity.

So the 4th Undeniable and Life-Changing Reason to get Your Own Sacred Morning to become more self-aware.

As you create a more conscious and loving relationship with your Self, the more clarity, agency and empowerment you will have for creating the life you really want.

This is so hard to put into words. And I’ve already used far too many…

So I’ll complete and just say this: You deserve to REALLY get to know YOU.

And if you choose, to start to explore, and play and experiment with what really connects you to Your Source, to Your Joy, to Your Life in your own Unique and Wonderful Sacred Morning Practice… well it WILL have an exponential effect in your life that is priceless.

I hope you’ll join me as we dive in Next Wednesday!

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Dr. Zoë Lumiere

Dr. Zoë Lumiere

Zoë supports human beings in rewiring: clearing the unconscious blocks holding them back from loving themselves and adoring their lives.

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