17-Days to Your Sacred Morning Practice

17-Days to Your Sacred Morning Practice

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Watch the recordings so far, and join us for the remaining LIVE days January 17 - February 2.

Is a Consistent Morning Practice the key you've been waiting for... ?!

From meditation to spiritual manifestation, we will be diving into practical techniques, as well as stretching into our own unique abilities of intuition and inner knowing... and even developing our own methods along the way.

Most importantly you will get the opportunity to see what your life looks, feels and produces when you start your day with your Authentic Self powerfully in the driver's seat.

Get ready to unlock the clarity, courage and consistent next steps for loving your life and showing up for what matters most in 2024.

Just 17 minutes a day for 17 days

Either join us LIVE or watch the Recording in your own time.
This program is designed to inspire you in the creation of your OWN Sacred Morning Practice. Use this time to get into your own habits, rhythm and flow.

3 Ways to Participate

  1. Join LIVE via Zoom at 7am Pacific – all sessions around 17 minutes
  2. Watch the Recordings available from 10am Pacific
  3. Read the Emails sent at 5am Pacific

17-Days to Your Sacred Morning Practice ☕️

It’s a program that will walk you through the curation and implementation of the perfect sacred morning practice for you.

We’ll be diving into different techniques and tools that might support YOU in truly starting Every Day This Year in Clarity, Courage and CoCreation!!!

The 17-Day Program Is Designed for YOU if You're Ready to...

• Learn how your intuition and inner knowing works.
• Courageously and consistently move on the dreams and intentions in your heart.
• Live your day with your Soul in the driver's seat, not your ego, fears and doubts.
• Get vulnerable and brave with your life and what you're here to give, receive and share.
• Unlock those big, bold, brilliant dreams calling you to share more of who you are. 
• Be seen, heard and Loved. 
• Show up consistently in the morning, to receive specific Soul-led guidance for living your dreams.
• Live in greater closeness, intimacy and flow with Spirit: the source of Love within you.
• Enjoy life, work and relationships much, much more.
• Experience life more through the powerful and peaceful energy of the heart.
• Allowing 2024 to be the Most Incredible, Beautiful and Miraculous Year Yet!

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Our Daily Focus

Day 1 • Space & Set-Up

Wednesday, January 17 [LIVE 7am PT • Recording available 10am for 24 hours]

Create the space and set yourself up for success in a morning practice.
We'll be talking about where and how to create the physical space for doing your mornings, but also how to get the 'space' you need mentally and emotionally to prioritize you and your life.

Day 2 • Silence

Thursday, January 18 [LIVE 7am PT • Recording available 10am for 24 hours]

We'll be diving into silence, and exploring why an element of Silence, Stillness and Sweetness is the heart and fuel for a Sacred and Life-changing morning practice.

Day 3 • Intuition & Inspiration

Friday, January 19 [LIVE 7am PT • Recording available 10am for 24 hours]

This is what keeps me motivated in my morning practice – the ideas and inspirations that come in truly have created such happiness in my personal life AND financial success in my professional life. I can't imagine starting my day without being led by my intuition in this way.

Day 4 • Frequency

Saturday, January 20 [LIVE 7am PT • Recording available 10am for 24 hours]

We’ll draw on inspiration from Einstein, Tesla, and Tollé. Learn how to activate your frequency or vibration (which is really just a fancy way of aligning the energy in all levels of your body: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually). If you want to create more joy, abundance, freedom, etc… understanding your own unique frequency is powerful.

Day 5 • Mantra

Sunday, January 21 [LIVE 7am PT • Recording available 10am for 24 hours]

We’ll be playing with various mantras to support you not only understanding how and why to use a mantra in your sacred morning practice, but how to find the one that’s going to work uniquely for you!

Day 6 • Light Visualization

Monday, January 22 [LIVE 7am PT • Recording available 10am for 24 hours]

We’re NOT talking about law of attraction of visualizing what we want here. We’re talking about seeing the clear pure Light of your Life Force in your body for health, healing and energetic balancing.

Day 7 •  Energetic Clearing

Tuesday, January 23 [LIVE 7am PT • Recording available 10am for 24 hours]

We all feel like 💩 sometimes, so how do we approach our morning practice when all we want to do is scroll or go back to bed? Learning how to include and use WHATEVER it is that we’re feeling and experiencing is a game changer. Learn how to clear karma and the negative patterns from your past and your conditioning.

Day 8 • Dealing with Depression & Anxiety

Wednesday, January 24 [LIVE 7am PT • Recording available 10am for 24 hours]

EVERYONE deals with some level of depression and anxiety. Everyone wakes up sometimes and feels down and aimless. Learning how to USE these experiences is key for clearing and shifting your energy, but these moments also have keys for what might be holding you back in life in general. The world teaches us to ignore our negative feelings, but if we have the courage and compassion to get closer, we start to learn how to heal, grow and evolve.

Day 9 • Movement

Thursday, January 25 [LIVE 7am PT • Recording available 10am for 24 hours]

I don’t just mean sit-ups and push-ups here. We’re going to explore how a little movement in your practice supports greater conscious awareness, energetic clearing, and much more energy and enthusiasm.

Day 10 • Compassion NOT Completion

Friday, January 26 [LIVE 7am PT • Recording available 10am for 24 hours]

This is gonna surprise a LOT of you. We’re not here to complete every day perfectly. We’re here to expand in compassion and loving support for ourselves so that we have more energy, clarity and courage for our life. (Yes – it’s important to complete your projects, intentions and intuitive next steps, but it’s actually not as important as you think to ‘complete’ your morning practice every day.)

Day 11 • Compassion Tracking

Saturday, January 27 [LIVE 7am PT • Recording available 10am for 24 hours]

Following on from the previous day, we’re going to explore how to track through the lens of compassion NOT completion. This is such a huge game-changer, not just for your morning practice and your life, but how you relate to yourself.

Day 12 • Motivation

Sunday, January 28 [LIVE 7am PT • Recording available 10am for 24 hours]

Doesn’t motivation feel like a buzz word from the 80’s, that we don’t hear much of anymore. So much of the ideas and schemes for motivation we all tried didn’t work – because they were about motivating ourselves from the outside-in. Motivating ourselves to be MORE successful, thinner, productive. We’ll take a deep dive into a radical way at allowing organic, authentic motivation that comes from the inside-out.

Day 13 • Gratitude

Monday, January 29 [LIVE 7am PT • Recording available 10am for 24 hours]

You knew it was coming. It’s just so powerful, and SO easy. When you’re starting out with a morning practice – gratitude can be all you need. And we’re going to take a much deeper cut than perhaps you’re used to. While gratitude for anything can work miracles – we’ll be diving into the kind of gratitude that opens the door to greater spiritual support from the Universe and beyond.

Day 14 • Write It Down

Tuesday, January 30 [LIVE 7am PT • Recording available 10am for 24 hours]

We’ll be diving into just a little of the Science as to WHY it is SO important to write stuff down during your morning practice. It can be the key to clearing the negative thoughts in your head, and it’s also key for following through. We’ll be exploring different techniques and tools.

Day 15 • Healthy Habits

Wednesday, January 31 [LIVE 7am PT • Recording available 10am for 24 hours]

Learning how to start our day intentionally, focused on what’s MOST important for all areas of our lives can be the healthiest habit there is, because it’s the one that’s going to support us with healthy decisions in ALL areas of our life. We’ll look at ways we can use a simple sacred morning practice to influence all the other healthy habits we want in life.

Day 16 • Spiritual Manifestation

Thursday, February 1 [LIVE 7am PT • Recording available 10am for 24 hours]

We’ve already explored many of the key pieces for conscious manifestation in earlier days, and we’re going to look at how to order them and experience them in a way that is miraculous for moving forward on what matters most to YOU.

Day 17 • The Rest of Your Life

Friday, February 2 [LIVE 7am PT • Recording available 10am for 24 hours]

We’re going to talk about putting this all together YOUR way. And we’re going to talk about how to put a Sacred Morning Practice together in a way that is able to adapt, evolve and grow over time. We’re gonna be talking about the REST of your life, and the REST of your life. Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel rested, peaceful, relaxed in life?! Rather than always pushing, hustling and catching up?! While there is no magical pill here, anchoring your life in a Sacred Morning Practice will become the trust and fuel you need so you can truly enjoy your life.

A Deep Dive.

The best $17 you will ever spend... if you're ready to allow yourself to let go, to dive deep and create your whole world from Love ✨

I'm Ready to Dive In.

Investment for 17Day Program:
$17 🤯

We Start Wednesday January 17 for 17 Days (January 17 – February 2)

You can participate via:
• Live Zoom Calls
– 7am PT Daily (approx 17 mins PLUS community sharing)
• Watching the Recordings – 10am PT Daily
• Reading and actioning the Emails – 5am PT Daily

We’ll be diving into different techniques and tools that support YOU in truly starting Every Day This Year in Clarity, Courage and CoCreation!!!

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LIVE Community Sharing Daily

BONUS! Community Sharing.

Each morning following the Live Zoom Call we'll have a short time for community sharing where you'll get to ask questions and share your own experience, insights and awareness to inspire us all too.

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