Reason #3. Stop Resenting Others Because You're Not Prioritizing Your Own Needs

Your chance to win a free space at the Sacred Morning Practice program starting January 17. Plus Dr. Zoë shares the 3rd reason for diving in – and how to avoid creating unneeded resentment in life.
Reason #3. Stop Resenting Others Because You're Not Prioritizing Your Own Needs

In addition to giving away 3 free spaces to the Sacred Morning Practice Program on Instagram today and tomorrow – you'll also get the chance to win one of SEVEN Free Spaces here on email / blog!

How to Win Your Free Space

  1. First, go over to Dr. Zoë's Sacred Morning Practice 17Day Program and read about the program to see if it's your jam 🍓🍇🍑
  2. Then, email with why you'd love to do the program. It can be a simple sentence, or seven. Just share the heart of why you'd love to do the program ❤️‍🔥
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Mornings Do Matter.

From Oprah to Anthony Robbins, and Obama to Taylor Swift... people committed to living from their Heart, Courage and Kindness, take the time to fill themselves up with Life-Force, Love and Intention in the mornings.

You Are Unique.

And so the morning practice that is Sacred and Inspiring and truly fills you up to overflowing is going to be different from anyone else's.

The Sacred Morning Practice Program is designed to simply help you explore and experiment with various techniques and tools so that you curate the perfect morning experience for you. And doing this in a 17day adventure will help you carve out the space and take the time to set this up in a consistent and practical way you can follow through with.

Fenix Helped Me Slow Down.

Slowing down in the mornings, to go for his favorite prance every day, helped me start to look at my life differently. It helped me do something fun and fulfilling to charge my battery so that I wasn't rushing straight into my day fueled by the doubts and fears that can sneak in if I'm not careful.

Meditation, Mantras, Manifestation and More.

We will dive into basic concepts for meditation, how to choose a mantra or tone for chanting, and many various approaches to setting a positive intention and moving and manifesting more of what YOU want in your life.

And this week we're sharing the top 7 reasons you might really NEED this program to create more of the life that YOU want.

Reason #3. You'll Create Resentment & Bitterness if You Don't Start Taking Care of Yourself First

This sounds harsh I know. But we can't help but start to feel resentful towards others if we give our time and energy to them, WHEN we ourselves need SOME of that time and energy to take care of our own needs.

And feeling this resentment towards ourselves AND others has become an epidemic. We live in a culture where we feel that we have to do SO much, AND take care of everyone else before ourselves. It's not easy to prioritize your own needs and feelings, but if you don't, you'll end up running on empty... and when you're running on empty and you Keep Giving the Last Scraps of Energy, Love and Attention that you have to OTHER PEOPLE... you're gonna resent them and you.

This life ain't easy. It's tough to be a human and feel fulfilled, full and happy!

And while starting your day in a Sacred Morning Practice won't magically solve all your problems, I do know it will start you in a really powerful direction and give you a vehicle to keep help you keep going and growing.

Reason #2. My Sacred Morning Practice is the Most Active Way I Handle My Anxiety 😬
The most active and consistent approach I use to handle it is with my Sacred Morning Practice. It puts Love, Courage, My Soul in the driver’s seat of my life, preventing my irrational fears and trauma from hijacking my day. Join us January 17 for the 17-Day Sacred Morning Program.
Reason #1. You Need Intention & Intuition to Follow Your Heart, Not Your Fears and Doubts
This 1 thing every morning took me from a life that was safe and comfortable, to the clarity and courage I needed to follow the Big, Bold and incredibly Beautiful dreams my Heart was calling me to... Join us January 17 for the 17-Day Sacred Morning Program.
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Dr. Zoë Lumiere

Zoë supports human beings in rewiring: clearing the unconscious blocks holding them back from loving themselves and adoring their lives.

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