Balancing Wanting More with Gratitude πŸ€—

Excessive desire for change drains energy. Balance growth with gratitude. Accept yesterday, now, and shape tomorrow positively. Use this wonderful Sunday Sacred Workout to train your brain to grow with gratitude, not greed and desire 🀩
Balancing Wanting More with Gratitude πŸ€—

Get Ready for Sacred Gratitude

A Super-Human approach to growing our muscles for authentic joy and abundance

Ok it's time to be blunt 😳

We're not happy if too much of our energetic field is being drained by wanting life to be different than it is.

The key word there is too much. It's natural to want to grow and expand and to change. Welcome to being human.

But because of the material and competitive nature of this world it's easy to be out of balance with our wanting, versus our enjoying what we have.

We drain our life-force by fighting with life, by:
β€’ Wanting yesterday to be different (futile, except so much of our joy and energy gets leaked into trying to change what cannot be changed)
β€’ Wanting now to be different (mostly futile, like if you're hair is going grey and you want it to be black, do what you can, but let go of what you can't)
β€’ We want tomorrow to be different (ok do what you CAN... and let go of the rest)

So let's unpack how to come into balance... and happiness (and ironically in doing so, we will set ourselves up BEST for what's NEXT)

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We Have to Allow This Universal Paradox

The key is simply to allow both experiences in a happy balance, at the same time.

Oh and the further challenge here - is that our ego and mind will tell us these two experiences cannot exist at the same time. But they do. Happily. And Harmoniously.

So our Heart Truth is:
"I love what is. I am enough. I have enough. I am en-joying my life."

And our Human Truth is at times:
"I want more. I want what's next. I want to grow."

Most of the planet is probably giving 99% of their energy units: their thoughts, their feelings, their actions to their human truth. They have fallen into the misbelief that they WILL be happy ONCE they have more.

So few of us are ready to do what it takes to bravely and boldly prioritize our Heart Truth: and give MORE of our energy units to learning how to love, and be enough and be grateful for RIGHT NOW.

The absolutely wonderful news however for us Heart-Led humans is that if do focus on our Heart Truth, our Human Truth gets handled wonderfully.

There is NO better metaphysical recipe for creating a wonderful, expansive and thriving tomorrow, than enjoying and feeling the fullness and aliveness of today.

Your Sacred Workout πŸ’ͺ 

Grow Your Abundance by Growing Your Muscles of Gratitude

Ok so this bears repeating. This is challenging because our ego doesn't feel like we WILL have more, or grow or improve or get better – IF we're feeling like right now is enough.

It's wrong however. It's completely an illusion. I've shared about this a bunch (I've added 2 of our recent guides at the bottom). But scientifically we know that neurologically we will grow, get better and do more, if we feel like we are and have enough, now.

Ok let's workout.

  1. What do you want more of? Right down the first top 5 things.
    1. Money
    2. More connection with my husband
    3. Greater recognition at work
    4. More time to spend with my dog / kids
    5. The world to stop fighting
  2. First, allow your human truth. Have compassion that a part of you kinda is never satisfied. Let yourself have softness and sweet support for the fact that you do always want more. And let yourself have compassion for how hard and painful it CAN feel when we feel like we don't have enough. Allow this for a few brief moments. That's it.
  3. Now let's expand way more, into our Heart Truth. This is where the gold, the magic, YOUR INNER POWER lies, so we're going to spend more time here. Use the same 5 experiences you listed above, and focus only what you have. Let yourself feel what you have. Let yourself enjoy and expand and be overcome by the beauty and blessing of all that you already have.
  4. AND... if you're in a karmic rut: like you're really stuck on one of these, sometimes a reality check CAN help. Not always, but if one of these areas for you just feels dead inside...
    For example: You truly can't feel any gratitude or blessing for the money you have.
    Or: You just feel tough and cold inside when you think of your spouse.
    Well it's time to hit the Emergency Reset button...
  5. 🚨 Let yourself emotionally contemplate not having what you have. Deeply. Kinesthetically. Viscerally.
    1. Let yourself imagine growing up without any money, and living in a mud shack.
    2. Let yourself imagine not having the connection and the people you do.
    3. Really authentically, imagine it.
    4. Let yourself experience the beauty and blessing you do have. It's there. And it's everything. And ironically allowing yourself to feel and enjoy it is your key to happiness, and it's your key to more πŸ˜‰
  6. So finally go through each of your 5. Can you for a moment, allow the wants, allow the truth that you'd like more. And at the same time, but in an overwhelming greater weight and priority: you experience fullness, and beauty and abundance now!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Kinda Deep for a Sunday Morning 😳

But then again isn't going deep, letting go and returning to the original innocent essence of life exactly what Sundays are about.

A time to let go of working hard.

And returning to the loveliness that we are, beyond what we do, or the money we make, or the rest of it.

Just a long, lazy sunday to enjoy everything, just, as, it, is.

We love you! Dr. ZoΓ« and Fenix xoxoox

Happy Sunday πŸ’œ

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