The Neuroscience of Rewiring Beliefs 🧠

Self-compassion rewires beliefs, replacing self-criticism with kindness and fostering trust over fear. This neural shift shapes our perspective, guiding us towards a more optimistic outlook on life.
The Neuroscience of Rewiring Beliefs 🧠

The Neuroscience of Rewiring our Beliefs

Learning to motivate ourselves from Love, not Fear

Self-compassion helps us rewire our beliefs by gradually evolving from negative self-talk and self-criticism, to positive and supportive inner dialogue and compassion. [1] [2]

By treating ourselves with kindness and understanding, we can gradually shift our perspective on failures and imperfections. This process allows us to reprogram ingrained thought patterns that may be rooted in self-doubt or harsh self-judgment (often created through childhood challenge). [1] [3]

Through self-compassionate practices we are able to gradually rewire our neural responses to life through trust and optimism, rather than fear and scarcity. [3] [4]

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1 minute for Rewiring back to Love Today!

What’s One Way You’re Often Critical and or Judgmental about Yourself?
Take just a moment to contemplate how you would relate to a close friend in that way?
Just be open, and curious about what might happen if you treated yourself the way you would treat your friend.

Self-Compassion is the Key for Change

Self-compassion has been proven to aid individuals in making positive changes in their lives. [2] [3]

Research suggests that self-compassion is connected to the release of oxytocin, a hormone that fosters feelings of care and support. This release helps reduce distress by deactivating the threat-defense system and activating the care system within our brains and bodies. Consequently, our natural neuroplasticity can shift us from reacting out of fight or flight mode back to a state of flow and self-belief. [1] [2]

A huge key for Self-Compassion is simply being able to admit: ‘It’s hard to be human sometimes!’ How allowing and accepting are you of – how hard it is to be human sometimes?!

Plus You’ll Be Happier, Says Science

Research also indicates that being kind to yourself is connected to feeling happier, more positive, satisfied with life, and better at understanding emotions. Practices that focus on self-compassion have been found to help with reducing feelings of sadness and worry, and improving how good you feel overall. [1]

One of the most consistent findings in the research is that greater self-compassion is linked to less anxiety and depression.

Your Rewiring Beliefs Workout 💪 

Rewire from Fear back to Love

The next time you’re really struggling to find a positive thought, or a little inner peace, use this process to rewire your neural pathways back to original health.

  1. R – Relax your body, let go of the world outside of you, and breathe. As you let go of the world outside of you, embrace and experience the world within you. Ask to be filled with the Highest Good, the Highest Light, the Highest Love.
  2. E – Embrace whatever fears, doubts and negative thinking you have. Accept that you have fears, or doubts, or negative thoughts. Let that be ok. Let yourself have compassion for having a tough time right now. Take the time to find softness and welcoming for the fact that you’re human, and you can’t escape fears, doubts and negative thoughts sometimes.
  3. W – Write down what your Fear / Doubt / Thoughts are saying. Allow them to write until they have nothing left to say. Now ask your body is there anything you are still holding onto? Keep writing until it says nothing.
  4. Inquire about how this experience is strengthening & expanding you? How might this experience be for you? And what do you need to focus on your own growth and healing?
  5. R – Rewire and Reframe all connected beliefs Say: “I forgive myself for buying into the misbelief that… “ Keep saying and completing that sentence until you feel still and silent inside. Do this with as much compassion as you can.
  6. E – Experience the truth Say: “AND The truth is that I am… “ Keep completing your truth until you feel Whole, Healthy and overflowing with Love. Really feel the celebration!
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We can do this...toegther.

This technique will be a wonderful one to practice together in our LIVE Q&A Calls – so let me know if you have a question about this workout and if you’d like support with it.

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Love always finds a way.

Our life is continually trying to help us find more Love and connection.

Our fears, our feelings, our doubts, our despair... they are the parts in us that don't yet know how worthy we are, looking and begging for us to find more Love for ourselves and our world.

It's not easy, but it's worth it.

Yesterday's MASTERHeart Recording is a wonderful resource for this too.

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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