Embracing Self-Love During Extreme Challenges

Embrace radical self-love to navigate extreme challenges and become more effective in showing love to others. #SelfLove #PersonalGrowth
Embracing Self-Love During Extreme Challenges

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Embracing Self-Love During Extreme Challenges

You can't be of any help to others if you're running on empty.

While it may appear that you're doing a lot, you could also be causing stress and discomfort in your body.

Psychologically, we understand that if we prioritize others' needs before our own and give to others when we ourselves are significantly out of balance and in need, we inevitably develop resentment towards them.

By learning the art of radical self-love, you will become significantly more effective in showing love, offering help, and making a positive impact in the lives of others.

You need to overcome the hurdle:

"I'm always busy taking care of others. I can't prioritize my own needs for time, love, and attention."

Once you overcome that hurdle, welcome to hurdle #2.

If you genuinely want to understand your needs, you must be willing to acknowledge the challenges you're facing internally.

Instead of facing our fears or emotions, we prefer to avoid them, overthink, and try to fix or solve them.

You don't have to believe me, but I ask you to at least consider the possibility that: During moments of challenge (your personal struggles, upset feelings, pain, and fear), trying to fix and figure things out will be futile. Now is NOT the time to think, plan, and move forward. Instead, allow yourself to experience vulnerability in the face of the challenge. This will enable you to embrace the love, compassion, and comfort that you need right now. Doing so will not only help you move forward but also provide you with the clarity and courage you require.

I need to reiterate this point.

When faced with a challenge, it is not the right time to make decisions, figure things out, and move forward. However, if you follow the process outlined below first, you will have a much greater ability to make decisions, figure things out, and move forward.

In fact, I am confident that if you first follow a version of the process below, you will be amazed at how much more effective you are at making decisions for moving forward.

This Life is Not Broken. It’s Been Created this Way For This Reason:

Would you please take a moment to consider with me that without experiencing difficult situations in our lives, we cannot discover the depth of our capacity to love. We cannot find the kind of compassion that is both healing, creative, and transformative.

Loving what is challenging requires a different kind of love than what we feel for what is easy.

We can love our friends, our family, and what is going well conditionally.

It is easy to express gratitude for those things, and we can do so with conditional love.

However, what we are here on this planet to awaken to at this time is: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

This is the kind of love that embraces our enemies, our perpetrators, and everything that is going wrong.

This is the type of love I discovered while healing from sexual abuse.

It's the love I discovered for myself while grieving the death of my mother.

And it's the love that I believe the world needs now.

It might be the love that you need now.

Would you be willing to vulnerably give it a try?

Set a clear intention for the highest good and greatest clearing in your experience.

Expand Through Extreme Challenge:

A Step-by-Step Guide for Transforming Fear & Feelings into Love and Courage

  1. Take a moment to identify a challenge in your life at the moment. It could be something that feels difficult or even seemingly impossible to navigate. Write it down and describe it.
  2. Now, tune in and truly feel it. As you authentically connect to and experience this challenge, take note of what is happening within your body. How do you feel? Where do you feel it? If the energy inside your body had a color, texture, or movement, how would you describe it? If this doesn’t make a lot of sense to you – just make it up. Yep that’s right. MAKE. IT. UP 😉 And write it down.
  3. For this process, consider the energy within you as an innocent child. Can you welcome, embrace, and genuinely accept this energy in your body? Wrap it in a loving hug and invite it to express itself. Ask the energy to use your pen and write whatever it wants to write. Let it share freely and without censorship. This means not trying to be spiritual or nice. If the energy is anger, it will express angry thoughts. If it's sadness, it will express sad thoughts. Allow the energy itself to share. Don't let your mind interfere. Keep writing until your pen stops, until this energy has expressed everything it needed to say, and you naturally feel a little more still and silent within.
  4. Now, ask yourself, the energy within you that experiences the challenge: what do you need? Allow the energy in your body to respond. Give it the pen. It's okay if the answer doesn't immediately make sense. Just let it authentically answer the question, "What do you need?" Keep answering the question until you reach a bottom line - something that fulfills all of your other needs as well.
  5. If what your human needs is an inner experience great. Go to question 6. If what your human needs is something in the external world, ask them: "What do you believe you will feel or experience within yourself if you obtain this thing in the outside world?"
  6. Now, it's time to tap into your SuperHuman Muscles of Unconditional Loving. It's time to experience even greater compassion than ever before. You may want to start by connecting with the essence of someone you love or someone who embodies profound love to you. Connect with them. Feel their love. Let them assist you in expanding your immense loving heart. Initially, these muscles may feel weak and almost unattainable, but simply do your best.
  7. Now, as your huge loving heart, filled with love and compassion: lift yourself up and give yourself the experience you need. If this seems impossible, start by imagining a very small child entering the room and asking for what you said you need. Then, realize that this small child is actually a forgotten part of yourself that requires this experience. Just like a mother instinctively knows how to hold and love a child without a guidebook, you also don't need instructions on how to do this. All you need is to give yourself permission to do it. Use your imagination, intention, or intuition to support you. Give yourself what you need. Close your eyes, take a minute or more, and do it now.
  8. Now it's time to rewire your open neural pathways and your nervous system through Self-Forgiveness. Although we don't have scientific evidence for this yet, trust me that in 20 years we will. As you continue to feel compassion and as much love as possible for yourself, repeat the following phrase until you feel a shift in energy:

"I forgive myself for buying into the misbelief that fill in the blank."

"I forgive myself for buying into the misbelief that fill in the blank."

"I forgive myself for buying into the misbelief that fill in the blank."

As you say and genuinely feel this, let go of any blame, self-judgment, or anything you've been holding against yourself. Set yourself free. Holding onto it only weighs us down. If we want to change and evolve, we must release it.

  1. Now complete, with this phrase, at least 3 times, but as many as you can:

"And the truth is that I am fill in the blank."

"And the truth is that I am fill in the blank."

"And the truth is that I am fill in the blank."

  1. How are you feeling? What is present for you? How do you feel and think about your initial challenge? Can you see that it is here to help you grow? To evolve you? To move you from a limited human experience into a higher spiritual and unconditionally loving reality?

I'll Be Guiding Us Through the Above Process at 3pm Today

I will be guiding us through this exact process in our "Rewiring Back to Love" meditation today at 3pm.

The recording will be available on this page (at the bottom) and also on our podcast starting next Monday.

I hope this has been profoundly helpful. I just completed it in my own life, and I feel much lighter.

What came up for me was the inner challenge I'm feeling of not making as much money as I used to and being afraid of not having enough money.

I allowed myself to experience my fear. (Yes, it's true, rationally I have nothing to be afraid of. But our feelings are irrational. So, I gave myself permission to just feel afraid).

And after expressing a lot of emotions, I realized that I need to know I'm still good and lovable even if I'm not making money. I needed to feel lovable and okay, even if I'm not successful and making a lot of money.

And wow, I was able to give myself that experience. And this realization hit home: I forgive myself for believing that I'm not lovable if I'm not making money.

I love you. So much xoxo.


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