Connection Gives Us Purpose, Meaning & Happiness 😁

Establishing a morning routine sets the tone for the day ahead, providing structure and stability amidst life's chaos. Whether it's exercise, meditation, or a leisurely breakfast, carving out time for self-care primes us for success and fulfillment.
Connection Gives Us Purpose, Meaning & Happiness 😁

Fenix’ PepTalk

Start Your Day Happy!

How you start your day is everything! I couldn't even imagine how poopy 💩 my day might be if I didn't start it out with a prance.

So prancing might not be YOUR thing.

But let Mum show you how easy it is to curate your own morning practice that does make your days happier and more effective.

Ok. Now Watch Me Prance 😂 This one is for the John Mayer Fans out there 😎

Love 🐾 #YourHappyCoach, Fenix xoxox

From Dr. Zoë

Your Morning Routine is Key 🔑

It can be as simple as sitting down with your coffee, your journal and your dog for 20 minutes. It's about connecting you to what’s important for you and your day.

Let me show you how curating your own morning routine can truly make for a Happy Happy Day.

STEP-BY-STEP • Designing Your Own Unique Morning Routine

Ok today is FUN! We’re simply going to review a whole bunch of options for you to include as you create your own unique morning routine. 

You will need: • Pen and paper • Sticky notes might be helpful if you want to post reminders • A playlife, open, enthusiastic heart

1. First just review all these great ideas as ‘Options’ for you to curate your own unique morning routine. Try not to make any decisions or commitments right now. Just take in all the options, paying attention to what feels exciting and energizing to you! Meditate • Journal • Run • Yoga • Walk the dog • Cuddle the dog • Read something Inspiring • Listen to something Inspiring • Chat with Loved Ones • Write down Your Gratitude • Connect to Your Dreams or Goals • Coffee & Contemplation • Plan Your Day • Skincare Routine • Green Juice • Healthy Smoothie • Water with Lemon • Stretching • Dancing • Playing with the Kids • Cold Shower • Creative Time • Play Time Something Else?!?! • Nothing is Off Limits • It’s Up to You! 

2. Ok! Now that you’re inspired. Choose one or more components of your morning routine! And write them down!

3. That’s it! Feel free to create a reminder alarm on your phone, or put it on your calendar! Do whatever is going to support you in creating this habit!

4. Pro Tip 🏆 Make a few cute sticky notes with reminders of your morning routine. Put one on the bathroom mirror. And one by your bed. Maybe one on the fridge!?

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