What Makes YOU Come Alive? ❤️‍🔥 [MASTERHeart @ 10am!]

Feel, Don't Just Think: Unleash the power of emotions and transform your life with the revolutionary concept of Emotionalization™. Discover how focusing on your feelings can guide you towards a more fulfilling and inspired existence. Dive into the transformative journey of living from your heart. 💖
What Makes YOU Come Alive? ❤️‍🔥  [MASTERHeart @ 10am!]

It's Time to Move

on What Matters Most!

What do I want? What makes ME come alive?

We’ve been taught it’s selfish to ask this question, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you’re living for other people, that INEVITABLY leads to resentment.

If you’re not doing what you love, that INEVITABLY makes you tired and uninspired.

Today we’re gonna keep asking ‘What do I Want?! and we’re gonna learn how that can recharge our battery and help us serve the world around us.

1 minute for More Self-Courage Today!

What’s One Thing You Would Ask For… if you KNEW you’d get it? Give yourself 17 seconds imagining you’ve GOT IT. Feel that. For 17 seconds.

Is it Easy for YOU to Focus on You?

If you’re like most people in this program, it’s not easy.

One of our coping mechanisms in life has been to learn what others needs, to make them happy, so that we’re then safe and taken care of.

Can you relate? Have compassion for the ways you’ve learned to suppress your own wants and dreams. Give yourself a hug.

Here’s How to Move Forward, Says Science.

Focusing consistently on what we want trains our brain to filter IN the experiences that help us experience more of what we want. This is important because our human brain can process 11 million bits of information every second. But our conscious minds can handle only 40 to 50 bits of information a second. [1] [2]

Focusing consistently on what we want trains our brains to pay attention to those bits of information that support us. All of a sudden we can see and feel like the world is conspiring to help us achieve what we want. (Read more about the Reticular Activating System in Advanced Resources.)

The Reticular Activating System is like a spotlight in the dark. Focus it on your goals, and watch them come to life. – ELON MUSK

Your Self-Courage Workout 💪

Focusing on What We Want with Frequency

  1. First, relax, get comfy, and ask for Your Highest Good.
  2. Ask yourself: What do I want? More than anything? If I knew it were GUARANTEED what would I ask the Universe for right now?
  3. Imagine it. Visualize it. Use all your senses to imagine you experiencing you HAVING what you want right now.
  4. Move from the visual to the frequency. Can you keep feeling and inwardly experiencing the emotions of having what you want, but let go of the visual completely. Focus only on the energy, or frequency in your body?
  5. Define your frequency. What words or small phrase best describe this inner feeling: your frequency? Write it down.
  6. Charge your energy field with your frequency for at least 17 seconds continuously. You might get distracted. No worries! Just keep coming back and focusing on and experiencing your frequency.
Pro Tip: How can you activate this frequency today? Set a clear intention for how you want to be at work, living this frequency? How you can show up in your relationships, living this frequency? …

It's Beta with You Here 🤣

Thanks for being here. Please give us all feedback here. You are gonna run into glitches and things that need to be improved. Please let us know your ideas, suggestions and how it's working for you.

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We are energy. And learning to take responsibility for the energy we’re experiencing is everything.

It’s not easy, to begin to take responsibility for our experience of life.

I didn’t get dealt an easy hand initially in life, and so for years I operated by focusing on ‘life’s not fair’. And unfortunately that meant I kept experiencing life as being against me somehow.

It wasn’t until I learned how to be curious and compassionate with myself, that I got to see that my life was begging me to grow into my gifts: my sacred muscles of Love, of Compassion, of Courage, and more.

We’re all being called to be more curious and compassionate with life. And we can do this practically by showing up for these 2 adventures in life [Play this MASTERHeart video to learn more] 1. Living Our Calling – getting clear on what we want in life AND 2. Clearing Our Blocks – allowing our love, compassion and forgiveness to clear our unconscious patterns holding us into the past.

Our daily coaching will keep expanding you into both adventures. And attending the MASTERHeart calls will support you too.

See some of us at 10am PT Today! Join Call Here

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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