Welcome to the Team

Welcome to the Team

Thanks for choosing to share this adventure with us.

We hope you absolutely adore our Daily Emails, and remember you can change your Email Preferences anytime to get the Weekly Summary instead.

Please email our Tech Director and Incredible Assistant Berna anytime you have a question. She is a real person 🤣 and she's here to help you. Email support@allowinglove.org for any support you need.

You can also email Dr. Zoë either through Berna (which means you'll probably get a faster response) or directly to her email drzoe@zoelumiere.com.

Unfortunately Fenix is not yet on email 🤣

We hope you get so much value from these daily guides and Sacred Muscle workouts that you're motivated to donate a little!

And if whenever you're ready to dive even deeper – we have an advanced track for you that's only $17/month.

If you wanna learn more about Fenix' miraculous story – Read about Fenix here.

And if you wanna learn about Dr Zoë, her qualifications, experience and more – Read about Zoe Lumiere here.

We Love You! Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us!

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