Unleash Happiness: Transform Your Judgments with Love 😁

Transform judgments with love, release negativity, embrace compassion. Happiness stems from unconditional love and acceptance. Let go and uplift! 🌟
Unleash Happiness: Transform Your Judgments with Love 😁

Today we're Learning How to Rewire our Judgments back to Acceptance and Love

Judgments are the number 1 negative thought pattern that hold us back from happiness, health and wealth. [1]

A judgment (not to be confused with an observation or assessment) holds some kind of negative emotion with it.

It can be an assessment to think: "That person is eating more than is healthy." That might be a neutral assessment of the situation.

But it’s a judgment to think and feel: "That person is eating more than is healthy and they’re gross and disgusting." It’s the negative emotional charge that helps you know you’re living with an unhealthy judgment.

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1 minute for More Self-Belief Today!

What Do You Judge in Others the Most? 🤨
Are You Open to Letting it Go? Just Be Aware 🤔

Does This Common MisBelief Also Hold You Back?

We often judge because we don’t want to condone or participate in something.
We judge cruelty, or laziness, or greed because we want to make it go away.
But when we judge, we actually strengthen it in us, and in others.

We All Judge. If you’re human, you judge. So the opportunity here is to learn how to release our judgments over time, and we can do this with compassion and understanding, not more criticism and judgment 🤣

Here’s How to Love Life, says the Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama has famously shared for years, that the key to happiness is compassion. The key to enjoying life, is to expand into as much unconditional loving as we can. [1]

We will be happier, if we release the judgments or conditions we place against our Love.

Love another, even when they are unkind.

Love yourself, even when you are lazy.

For when we accept and love something (which is NOT condoning or participating) we are setting it free.

Consider bullying. All bullying is a coping mechanism. A psychological protection created when one fears being unlovable. So when we don’t judge and add further criticism and negativity to someone that’s judging, but rather we give them the loving they need (we all need) we have the power to set ourselves (and others) free.

If the Dalai Lama is right, if Love is the absence of judgment… how does loving, NOT judging, set a negative experience free?
In the compassionate loving of an experience, we are free to complete it. All negative behaviors were once created as coping mechanisms, so when we love and have compassion for a negative behavior, we help to complete and release that negative protection.
Greater explanation about this into today's Deeper Dive 👇

Got Another 5 minutes?
Let's Release Some Judgments

  1. What human characteristic do you judge? (Remember you’ve got to have a negative emotional charge along with the thought, for it to be a judgment. It can be subtle, but you have to feel it, not just think it.) Which one just pops into your mind now. It could be how you judge your husband as lazy. It could be how you judge your boss sometimes as stupid. It could be how you judge your friend as weak, or pathetic.
  2. How does it show up in your life? Who do you judge? When do you judge? Just be aware of the various ways it shows up in your life.
  3. What’s the negative emotional charge that takes place when you judge? Where do you feel it? How do you feel? Describe it fully.
  4. How do these judgments affect your joy, your love your peace? Just be aware, in these moments, in these areas of your life, how is your happiness and peace of mind negatively affected?
  5. Have compassion and understanding, for how human it is to judge. Can you tangibly feel loving compassion for yourself – it's hard NOT to judge! We're all conditioned and trained to. And so have compassion and understanding for how tough it is to truly release them. Just let a soft wave of compassion wash over you.
  6. How do you choose to live? What’s your intention, for treating this human characteristic in yourself and others? Consider… I am doing my best to let go of judging others and myself as lazy. I am being kind and compassionate to myself and others.
Pro Tip: Journal about your most challenging judgments. Let yourself write as neutrally as you can, about how you perceive people 'SHOULD' be different. Notice what that does to your energy levels and ability to be happy and peaceful.

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I'm Super Judgy Sometimes!
We all have our moments. Right?!?!?

Judgment is a very nuanced complex area of Psychology. But truly unpacking and understanding judgment is a critical key to freedom, because in learning how to release our judgments we are releasing the conditions by which we believe and experience that we are Lovable.

If dogs are here to teach us one thing, it's how to Love Unconditionally!

So while we often want to fight and justify our judgments – if we really wanted to learn the challenging lessons of Love and Compassion, we'd put down our gloves and let all our judgments go 🥊 ❤️‍🔥

Who's with us?!

Either way... We love you xoxoox.
Fenix and Zoë 🤗

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