Transforming Fear, Overwhelm & Anxiety 🎢

Embracing fear, overwhelm, and anxiety as catalysts for growth allows us to transform them into sources of strength and resilience. By cultivating a mindset that sees challenges as opportunities, we navigate life's rollercoaster with courage and adaptability.
Transforming Fear, Overwhelm & Anxiety 🎢

Time to Rewire

Back to Love™

Learning how to transform our fear, overwhelm and anxiety into energy we can use, is life-changing.

In my experience, folks often miss out on this simple life-changing technique because it seems too simple.

It's like raising your hands on a rollercoaster - easy to say, not so easy to do.

In order to transform fear, overwhelm, anxiety, or anything else we want to let go of – we consciously let go: of every single ‘thing’ we are holding onto right now.

Michael Singer describes the process powerfully in his book "The Untethered Soul".

Today's workout involves relaxation and releasing negative emotions such as fear, overwhelm, and anxiety.

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1 minute for Rewiring Back to Love Today!

What’s A Situation That Triggers Fear, Overwhelm or Anxiety for You? Imagine that situation now, and imagine relaxing 1,000,000,000% [Close your eyes and imagine it, and relax completely right now]

‘The Highest Technique’, according to Spiritual Teacher Michael Singer

This technique is described in great detail in the book The Untethered Soul (I highly recommend reading it). But the foundation for this technique is a Universal Spiritual truth running through all spiritual healing modalities.

In essence, all dis-ease and negative experience (including fear, anxiety, depression, illness) begins with a contraction of energy that becomes stuck in our body. The ‘cure’ is to expand, to relax and release all parts of our consciousness allowing the stuck energy (or Samskara).

Just think of a negative experience – like fear or anger or sadness. Can you find the contraction? Can you find a contraction in your body, in your thoughts, and in your emotions?

This is an incredibly subtle, nuanced and life-long practice to master, but it MIGHT be the most important one for health, wealth and happiness.

“If you want to be free, you have to learn to stop fighting these human feelings. When you feel pain, simply view it as energy. Just start seeing these inner experiences as energy passing through your heart and before the eye of your consciousness. Then relax. Do the opposite of contracting and closing. Relax and release.” – MICHAEL A. SINGER

Your Rewiring Back to Love™ Workout 💪

Transform Negative Experience into Clarity & Energy

It can be helpful to remember that you can take action and make changes about this situation AFTER you’ve done this exercise. This technique does NOT REPLACE making changes and taking action in a practical way – but you will NOT see your life clearly while this contraction is present. Handle the contraction in your energy and body, and which loving expansive actions are the best to take will be abundantly clear AFTER you’ve done this exercise.

There are also inner experiences, emotions, energies that require greater support for rewiring. I share about this here.

  1. First choose a situation that can trigger a negative experience for you. You can choose anyone that you want. You can trust the one that pops into your consciousness first. Or feel free to find the one that is the most challenging for you in your life right now.
  2. Describe the situation. Let yourself feel and think negatively – and write it down freely and without censorship. Now is the time to blame, and complain and have a tantrum or a pity party, as fully and completely as you can.
  3. Be aware of the energy in your body. Where do you feel the contraction? The tension, the tightness, the pain, the discomfort, the negative sensation?! Write it down. Describe it in as much detail as you can.
  4. Now be aware that the real you – the Soul – the Authentic Self is the part of you that is observing, watching, holding for this experience. You are NOT the negative energy. You are experiencing the negative energy. You have the power to let go of ANYTHING that is NOT YOU.
  5. So just now, for a minute, practice relaxing, expanding, releasing that contraction or negative experience completely. Use your imagination. Use your body. Use your breathing. Use your loving. Use your prayer. Use whatever shows up for you uniquely, to support you in relaxing and releasing this stuck, contracted energy within!
Pro Tip: Practice doing this every Tuesday, to prime the pump for when you really need it. Just for a minute, can you be aware of what’s triggering, and that you have the power to relax and let go – to completely release any stuck, negative energy inside. In essence you are rehearsing and imprinting on your energy field what you want to do when that trigger happens in your life – when that situation triggers you.

This Sounds Simple. Right?! But Takes a LifeTime to Master.

This technique will be a wonderful one to practice together in our LIVE Q&A Calls – so let me know if you have a question about this workout and if you’d like support with it.

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This is the Work of a Life-Time

This is a sacred muscle that we can keep growing for the rest of our life…

No matter how skilled and powerful we can be in our ability to relax and release negativity, there will always be opportunity for us to keep growing and expanding.

And in my experience there are some stuck energies created by trauma, that can be hard to release on your own. Sometimes a practitioner or a more involved technique is required to release the pain of the past – however for me 9 times out of 10 – this can be a wonderful technique to use to keep growing my sacred muscles of Self-Trust and Self-Belief.

I love using this analogy when I’m really afraid, angry, sad etc.

When I get triggered next - it feels like I’ve just been shot. With a bullet. And just as if we had really been shot, we need to handle our wound, before we can address taking action in the world around us.

I know, it’s hard. We all want to attend first to: ‘who shot us, and why did it happen, and how can we make sure we never let that happen ever again?!’

But… and this isn’t always easy… but do your best to first handle the energy within you: before attending the world outside of you.

Take care of your wound FIRST, so that you have the clarity and the energy to address the external world with as much love, compassion and forgiveness as possible.

I hope that helps 👍 And don’t forget to ask a question anytime if you need support ok!

And I did create this video for YOU...

We love you!
Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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