Top 3 Things for a Top Morning 🎩

The top 3 things each morning: Start by hugging and loving yourself with kind words, chug a big glass of water, and move your body or meditate to set a positive tone for the day.
Top 3 Things for a Top Morning 🎩

The Top 3 Things Each Morning!

Feel great about yourself and the rest of your day.

First Things First!

What we do first thing every day, is arguably the most important thing for our day.

What we do first, after waking, imprints that energy and intention on our brain for the rest of the day.

So commit to at least these 3 things first thing…

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Top of the Morning To You!

We’ll dive deeper in our Sacred Workout… but consider just these 3 to start your day.

  1. First, hug & love yourself with some sweet words. What’s the very first thing you do to your dog or child every morning?! You hug and love them. And fill them up with some sweet words. Just do the same – for yourself!
  2. Next, chug some water. It’s practical and powerful. As soon as you can, sit up and grab that big glass of water that you put there the night before, and drink it all. Add some lemon or baking soda for extra alkalinity and health.
  3. Now move that body or meditate! You choose. But Move or Meditate. First thing. Try it for 7 days and tell me it’s not magic.

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