Time for a Seriousness Detox 🤣

Loosen up, embrace flexibility! Release control, foster growth. Success thrives when we adapt and let go of holding life too tightly!
Time for a Seriousness Detox 🤣

Time to Let Goooo

Letting go of Over-Control

When we take ourselves and our lives too seriously, we often focus excessively on minor details and seeking control.

This can limit our ability to adapt, grow, and succeed. And it sucks our energy in a big way! [1]

Consider today, that letting go of the controlling the process and the outcomes in our life, will significantly support greater flexibility, adaptability, progress and overall success!

It can feel scary to let go of holding the reigns so tightly, but we’ll have a look at why we should, and how we can.

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1 minute for ReWilding Today!

What’s 1 Thing/Area of Life You Take Way Too Seriously 😒 What’s 1 way you can let go? Can you move on that today?

Does This Common Pitfall Also Hold You Back?

When we feel insecure about something, we can hold on more tightly than we need to.

We almost unconsciously turn up the serious meter, in the hopes of CONTROLLING everything TO work out ok, so that WE will feel OK.

Can you relate?
When do you turn up that serious meter?
Does it work?

How to Be Free, says the Sages of Ages

The concept of ‘letting go’ has been recognized in Eastern and Western traditions for centuries. But with a greater focus on money and power in the last century, we have regressed. [1]

Learning how to let go, so that we can be happy and free (and probably more successful) is simple. We need to find genuine acceptance: ‘our feeling of OK’ in our own Self-Love, rather in the outcome of what we’re trying to control.

The key to letting go is to bring awareness to the present moment, accept what is, and release attachment to past or future outcomes. For empathic people: the best way to do that is to give ourselves Love, and compassion for each and every part of this present moment, despite outcomes.

Sacred Muscle Workout

Let’s Let Go of 1 Massive Energy Suck Today.

  1. Ok it’s Saturday. So choose the biggest thing you feel serious or stuck or like you need to control today: the one thing that’s gonna drain your fun and freedom today? It could be getting everyone to soccer on time. Or cleaning the house in time for visitors. It could seem small and subtle. Whatever it is. Write it down.
  2. Feel the tight energy, the control, the seriousness you have about this one thing. What does that energy feel like? Do you like it? Does it give you energy, or take energy away?
  3. Consider now, that you’re tight and controlling because you want everything to go OK…SO that you’ll be enough and lovable. It can be super subtle. But our lack of inherent lovability is at the heart of every contraction in our life. Can you see it?
  4. So now it’s easy. Just bravely, courageously, LOVE YOURSELF despite the outcome you want?! (Remember that letting go will actually HELP you get what you want. It’s counter-intuitive. Completely.) If you need some help, use this phrase (say this to yourself, in the mirror): “I love you, no matter what and even if you’re late to soccer. I love you, no matter what and even if the house is a mess when your visitors arrive.”
  5. Stuck?!?! Many of my clients get super stuck with this. They find it hard to agree that it should be ok to love themselves when they’re not living the outcomes they want. So try this, if you’re also feeling a little stuck. Would you love your best friend just as much, if she got her family to soccer a late, or would you start loving her less and want to punish her? Would you love anyone less if their house were a mess? Would you judge and punish them the way you do to yourself?
  6. Again… if you can LET GO of the CONTROL you’ll have a better chance of getting to soccer on time, and cleaning the house. This isn’t about letting go of living and doing and being awesome. It’s LETTING GO of the CONTROL!
  7. This is actually deep, unconscious rewiring. It can take time. So be patient, kind and loving.
Pro Tip: Journal about where you learned to control. This is deep. This might be profoundly life-changing for some. Do you have the courage to write about where and how and why you learned to control? To try to be perfect? To always be enough? Just write with as much kindness and love and compassion for everyone in the picture. We’re all doing our best. And we are ALL just living based on how we were shown, taught and loved. And it might be time to break the chain-reaction!

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This is deep stuff. I’ll say it again and again.

It can seem so trivial and small. Like of course I want a clean house when guests come. Are you crazy?! What’s wrong with you.

My Mum died when I was 14, and as the only ‘woman’ left in the house at that time, I was left to do most of the cleaning chores at that time. So trying to be enough, and trying to keep everyone together and happy through keeping things clean is a big wound. It was a festering, weeping wound at one time. I would feel SO uncomfortable if someone came over and the house was a mess.

But in expanding into Unconditional Loving for myself – by learning to treat myself the way I would treat any other human being in this same situation – I have learned to tell ‘Little Zoë’ that she’s ok no matter. That she’s lovable no matter what. And more than telling ‘Little Zoë’ that… I have let her cry about this many times. AND I have picked her up and LOVED HER in my divine imagination. I have let her cry, and in my Soul’s arms, I HAVE LOVED HER. [This is the heart of the 4-Step Feeling for Healing Process]

Dogs are here to show us how it’s done. They don’t hold mess, or enoughness against themselves, and they DEFINITELY don’t hold it against YOU!

We love you.
Fenix and Zoë 🤗

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  2. Prioritize spending more time doing what you Love. [1]
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