The Secret to Synchronicity 🧝‍♀️

By recognizing synchronicities, individuals can gain insight into their lives and move forward with a sense of purpose. Embracing synchronicity involves acknowledging the subtle connections between inner and outer experiences, leading to a profound sense of harmony and guidance.
The Secret to Synchronicity 🧝‍♀️

Grow Your Sense for Signs & Synchronicity

A simple technique for greater support

Thursdays are all about getting out of our head, and into our heart.

We can walk this entire life rehashing and regretting yesterday AND worrying and over-planning about tomorrow.

This simple technique for synchronicity will powerfully help you live more in the present moment, and allow you to move forward with greater flow and support.

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1 minute for More Synchronicity Today!

What’s One Synchronistic Sign You Can See or Feel in Your Life? Find one lovely meaningful coincidence. It can be little or large… Keep looking until you find one.

Spoiler Alert: There is Synchronicity EVERYWHERE in Your Life

This technique is much more about changing your perception so that you can SEE AND FEEL that you are ON TRACK, and SO SUPPORTED.

Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see." CARL JUNG

Here’s How to Move Forward, Says Carl Jung

Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and he founded the field of analytical psychology.

Carl Jung knew, as Modern / Quantum Physics now proves, that there is an interconnectedness between all beings that is undeniable and highly useful.

The key for finding greater synchronicity and clear signs in moving forward – is to simply BE OPEN to the wonderful possibility that You Might Be Completely On Track in Your Life.

Let go of holding yesterday as a mistake.

Let go of needing tomorrow to be anything other than what it will be.

Let go of needing to have achieved anything but what you have.

Let yourself be open to the idea that You Are Perfectly On Track for all the dreams and goals in your heart.

In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order. CARL JUNG

Your Sacred Synchronicity Workout 💪 

Learn How to Find the Signs & Synchronicity you need to feel supported and move forward!

This is courage. This is big.

Can you let go of the inner skeptic for 7 minutes, and find your synchronistic senser?

This life is a MIRACLE. All of it.

Let this quote from Walt Whitman help you get on our frequency… then dive into the workout.

Take a moment to just see the beauty, the loveliness, the miracles all around you RIGHT NOW.

  1. Make a list of 5 things that spark joy in your life. Don’t think too hard. Just write whatever comes up. For example…
    1. I am married to this person.
    2. My job at this company.
    3. Playing this game sometimes.
    4. Eating this food.
    5. Living in this city.
  2. Of the above things, which ones are synchronicities? Can you find and FEEL at least one is a miracle?!
    1. If you are married - the hypothesized odds of you falling in love with someone that falls in love with you is about 1 in 262,144. That’s freaking amazing. That’s a miracle. The fact that they love you, and you also love them, is a sign from the Universe you are here to be loved. A sign you are here to connect, to be understood, to be supported and enjoyed. Can you start to sense that… feel that?! OMG what a gift to fall in love at all… but to be loved back, and for all the millions of events that follow that have to keep lining up…
    2. If you have a job, or any form or work or career – can you feel the synchronicity that made it happen?! The odds worked in YOUR favor.
    3. In whatever you wrote down - can you see and feel the perfect timing of so many things.
  3. Let yourself FEEL the power and presence of the above synchronicities.
Pro Tip: Synchronicity Journal Get into the habit of seeing synchronicity by journaling about One Synchronicity Or More every single day. It could be a lovely chance meeting with an old friend. The fact that you made it on time even though you left late and didn’t think you would. It could be the new cafe having your favorite sandwich. Meeting a dog on the street that chose to bound on over and love on you. It could be one of a hundred things that happened today. Write just one down… every day.

You Can Be Happy, No Matter the Weather.

Living in the Present Moment is Happiness.

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This Life is So Good

Learning to SEE and FEEL what’s good in our life helps us live on the frequency that’s gonna SEE and ATTRACT and CREATE more of what’s good for us.

Some people walk past Fenix, and see a poor dog who can’t walk very well and they feel sorry for him. And when I tell them he has a neurological disorder they get very uncomfortable and walk away quickly.

And some people walk past Fenix and see pure joy exploding into life. They see a unique expression of this life, and they laugh, and smile and want to connect with him and us so intently. And when I tell them he has a neurological disorder they see the miracle. They see the precious perfection of this life that helps us find the miracle and the loveliness in all things – even neurological disabilities.

We are creating our life by how we perceive it.

Choose to see the magic, the miracle, and more Love.

I mean of all the things you could have chosen into in this life, it’s a miracle you are here reading this, connected with us, right now. It’s a MIRACLE that you are in our life, and that we are in yours.

We love you!

And we’re so grateful you chose to be here with us.

Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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