The Permission Slip You NEED Right Now 📝

Permission to Escape… Granted! Shake off the rules holding you back and embrace a life lived outside the lines. Discover the power of granting yourself permission and find happiness in the present moment. Explore strategies, videos, and more to unleash your true potential.
The Permission Slip You NEED Right Now 📝

Time to Let Goooo

Letting go of Over-Control

Stop waiting for other people to give you permission.

Let’s learn how to start moving on what we love and what makes our heart full and overflowing – with our own permission slips!

It’s wild how we hold back from living more of the life we love, because of doubts and worries and concerns that aren’t even real.

So today we’re going to get clearer on what makes us happy, and what kind of permission we need to actually move and get free!

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1 minute for Wild Self-Love Today!

What’s One Thing Your Wild Heart Needs to Do Today?! Do it! Give yourself Permission. Go do it! [And if you can’t – imagine yourself doing it for 1 minute]

It’s Not Selfish to Live Your Life YOUR Way.

But it is stupid to try and live your life the way that works for other people.

Today we’re going to let go of living OUR life for other people.

And we’re gonna do it boldly and bravely because we KNOW that if we can feel and fill our heart with Love and Joy – we will be of far greater service and support to everyone around us!!!!

What’s one adjective that you would use to describe your way. Is it kind. Or friendly. Or quiet. Or loud. No matter what it is, give yourself permission to be you.

Here’s How to Move Forward, Says Science

We have to acknowledge that we’re imperfect – and we’re gonna fall and fail, if we’re gonna give ourselves the chance to really move forward on what matters most to us.

It’s our resistance to vulnerability – to being able to be perfect and always appear perfect – that holds us back from doing more of what we Love.

Based on her research, Brené Brown found that if we cultivate the ability to be compassionate, supportive and kind to ourselves as we try new things, be vulnerable, and allow ourselves NOT to be perfect… that we will go further and follow through. [1]

Your ReWilding Workout 💪

Write Your Own Permission Slips

  1. What would you LOVE to have Permission for? To do nothing. To relax. To go back to bed? To write your own blog. To paint. To tell someone how you feel? To watch TV. To do a puzzle. To not go to work tomorrow? To order dinner for the family instead of cooking? To go and see if you can still do cartwheels in the park? To spend this day doing only that that you actually really want to do!
  2. Whatever it is. Big or small. Grab that post-it and write it down: I your name here by declare, that your name has full and complete permission to your thing here . Signed your signature here
  3. Now go play, enjoy, have fun and be free! Find out if your permission slip truly does help you do this!!!
Pro Tip: A Permission Slip a Day If this really resonates for you – if you’re aware you hold back waiting on other people’s approval or permission – write a permission slip Every Day until you feel much more free in living your life your way. Okay!

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This stuff works.

I resisted this idea initially. I love living for other people. I love focusing on others and making them happy. It makes me happy and helps me feel important and valuable and like a good, kind person.

I did however, after years and much introspection realize that I was resenting certain people in my life because they seemed to get to do all the fun stuff, while I was doing all the helpful, good girl stuff. And that’s just inevitable.

Psychologically we KNOW that we can’t live for others without building resentment within. Without overtime feeling bitter and unloved.

So take care of your life and your relationships by honoring what’s true for you – while also helping and serving others.

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

We love you.
Fenix and Zoë 🤗

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