The Best Gift for Easter 🐣

Embrace Easter's message of gratitude, hope, kindness, and forgiveness. Remember, forgiveness is a precious gift for yourself and others 🐣
The Best Gift for Easter 🐣

Time for Our Most Powerful Sacred Muscle

Our Grateful Giving Heart

Easter is all about counting our blessings, staying hopeful, showing kindness, and being thankful in our daily lives.

And it’s a powerful reminder of the life-giving act of forgiveness.

It’s no small feat, to truly forgive.
But it is THE best gift we can give ourselves, and others.

And maybe this is a beautiful day to embrace that gift and give it freely to ourselves and others.

And as usual, if you're having a hard time expanding into your true Loving, Compassionate nature, just consult a dog.

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1 minute for the Life-Giving Power of Forgiveness 😁

What’s the One Thing You Still Hold Against Yourself?A mistake, a failure, a moment you’d like to take back.Are you Open and Willing to Letting Yourself Off the Hook? Just be aware, are you open, and willing. That’s all you need.

Forgiveness is the Opposite of Weakness.

Gandhi's perspective underscores forgiveness as a demonstration of strength.

He posited that it serves as a potent antidote to animosity and retaliation.

According to him, extending forgiveness fosters harmony and cooperation, in stark contrast to the perpetuation of anguish through seeking retribution or revenge. [1]

Can you relate? Has forgiveness changed a relationship, or a situation in your life? What’s the toughest thing you’ve truly let go of?

All the Sages through the Ages Agree: Forgiveness is the Way.

Enlightened teachers from all faiths agree that forgiveness is the way to move forward. [2]

But phew 😮‍💨 is it easier said than done.

Today we’re going to dive into how to practically give the gift of forgiveness to ourselves, as the natural and inevitable precursor for forgiving all those around you. [3]

Forgiveness truly frees up our energy, so that we’re not stuck draining our energy into the past and into things we can’t control. Remember forgiveness is NOT condoning anything, but it’s letting go of holding the past against anyone or anything. And studies HAVE shown that forgiveness supports the correction of behavior much better than judgment and revenge. [4]

Your Self-Forgiveness Workout 💪

Free Up Huge Energy for the Future

  1. What’s something or someone you want to forgive. It can be anything. It can feel huge and monumental. Or incredibly subtle. What’s one thing that pops into your mind when you contemplate you wish it didn’t happen the way it didn’t.
  2. Let yourself feel. Give your feelings a voice. Write whatever you want to say about what happened, including how you felt in detail.
  3. Whatever you are seeking to forgive happened in the past. Yet, most people get stuck mentally resisting what has already occurred. The next step is to accept. You’re not condoning it in anyway, but it’s foolish to not accept it happened. Too many of us get stuck on: “I should have known better… They should have known better… It should have been different.” and these are the lies that keep us stuck in the past, draining our energy.
  4. Consider that it happened the way it happened, for this very moment. Just consider, be open to this situation being orchestrated for Your Highest Good! There is a value here that’s now more important to you. Or a lesson to learn. Or a greater sense of what’s important and who you are. Just be open to the fact that things happen so that we grow in love and wisdom. Mistakes happen for us. They are always for us.
  5. Let Everyone Off their Hooks. There are so many wonderful ways to forgive and today let’s play with using our divine imagination to let us off any hook, any cross we’ve nailed ourselves or anyone else to. Use your imagination the way it works for you. Close your eyes, and just use whatever symbology or visual will support you in experiencing You letting You off any hook, any judgment, any cross. And if naturally, and effortlessly there are others you also want to let of the hook, do that too.
Pro Tip: Daily Self-Forgiveness We’re conditioned to judge. And we’re conditioned to be critical of ourselves.
If you want to complete the day and set yourself up for a Fresh, Fully Recharged and Energized Day tomorrow – consider just letting yourself any hook you put yourself on today 🔋
They can be subtle: You didn’t offer to help so and so. You didn’t work out hard enough at the gym. The kitchen’s a mess, you’re so lazy. You snapped at so and so. You still haven’t finished x, z and z.
So just use your imagination to take yourself off those hooks. Be open to today happened exactly the way it should have. And all of these moments have been designed to help you grow in Love and Compassion.
The Universe cares much more about you growing your Sacred Muscles of Love and Compassion, than it does about you having a perfect kitchen. Just be open to the very wild possibility that things ALWAYS are the way they SHOULD be…

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Forgiveness changed my life. And I’m pretty sure it saved my life.

I had a pretty juicy childhood. Lots of things that I could very justifiably NOT forgive.

And so I didn’t. For a long time.

And that kept me stuck in this very disempowering narrative about my life, about how unfair it was. All these things had happened against me that were creating such negative outcomes.

I couldn’t fall in love because I was sexually abused.

I couldn’t love my body because I started throwing up when my Mum died.

I couldn’t be happy because so many things have not gone my way.

Forgiveness helped me USE each and every moment in my life as an opportunity to grow in Loving, Support and Compassion FOR MYSELF.

I had the courage, to feel the raw pain of those heartaches, and I kept picking myself up off the ground: giving MYSELF the love, and sweetness, and encouragement and compassion I deserved.

I perhaps have grown my Sacred Muscles the most… because of those juiciest moments in my childhood.

They are now huge gifts and turning points in my life. All because of forgiveness.

[The dashboard has SO many resources on forgiveness: how to understand it, how to practice it, different techniques and forms of it. And join us for a Q&A if you need specific support. I would love to help you open and awaken into greater forgiveness.]

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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