The Fuss About Forgiveness 🐶

Forgiveness is the key to unlocking inner peace and emotional liberation. It empowers us to transcend past hurts and embrace a path of healing and renewal. By practicing forgiveness, we nurture our souls and cultivate greater harmony within ourselves and with others.
The Fuss About Forgiveness 🐶

Growing our Sacred Muscles for Forgiveness

Using this Spiritual Practice for greater Freedom and Fulfillment

Today we’re going to see what all the fuss is about.

Why is forgiveness so important?!

And why should we invest the time and effort in growing our sacred muscles for forgiveness?!

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1 minute for Forgiveness Today!

What’s one thing you’ve forgiven in your life? Can you feel the warmth that radiates from your heart, as you connect to your forgiveness?! Open to it. Open to your inner power and the radiance of your heart chakra.

Dogs Do it. So Can You.

Research shows that dogs forgive. They let go of past wrongs quickly and restore relationships almost instantly.

We often hold back from forgiving ourselves and another, because we think if we let ourselves off the hook, we’re not trying to right our wrongs.

However recent research is showing that the opposite is true. You are more likely to make amends and learn from your mistakes if you forgive yourself.

How to Forgive, Says Deepak Chopra

The sages through the ages, including our modern mystic Deepak Chopra, tell us that in order to be happy, we must forgive.

Today’s sacred workout uses his 4 keys for walking through forgiveness:
• Clarify Your Emotions
• Release Resistance
• Allow the Past To Empower Your Values
• Define Yourself by Your Values, Not Your Past

Forgiveness will help you navigate painful emotions, separate forgiveness from justice, and take back the power of your own emotional energy.

Your Sacred Forgiveness Workout 💪

Moving Forward with Forgiveness

  1. Clarify Your Emotions: Write a letter expressing all your feelings to the person who hurt you. Let out your emotions like anger, grief, and disappointment. Keep writing until you've said everything on your mind.
  2. Release Resistance: Forgiveness means letting go of resistance to the past. (They happened. There is no value in refusing to accept they happened.) Remember acceptance is not approval but moving forward without resistance, allowing growth from difficult situations.
  3. Allow the Past To Empower Your Values: Reflect on how challenges make you stronger, wiser, and more compassionate. Consider how challenges shape your values and goals. Use the following questions to expand into Your Values:
    1. What qualities do I have that someone without this experience might be lacking?
    2. If I were to let go of the emotional content from the past and just keep the lessons, what would those lessons be?
    3. How have my values been changed through this experience?
    4. How have I grown through this experience? If I have not grown as much as I would like through the experience, what is holding me back?
    5. What would it look like if I were to release the victim mindset and step completely into a growth mentality?
  4. Define Yourself by Your Values, Not Your Past: To forgive, acknowledge the lesson learned, express gratitude, and free yourself from negative emotions. It's not a straightforward process but shifting focus from bitterness to gratitude can lead to transformation. By focusing on the positive outcomes of a situation, you can grow and realize your full potential
Pro Tip: Consider this when it’s hard to forgive. Often the reason we can’t forgive, is because we have unexpressed emotion inside. Consider a small child, that just had his favorite book lost by a friend. When we don’t allow our small selves to hurt, to feel, and to grieve, there is no chance that we can let go of the past. But once we feel heard, and understood, often we find forgiveness quite natural. So the next time you can’t forgive – spend as much time as you need to feel, to grieve, to deeply and authentically express your emotions. The best way to do this is often in writing. And it is recommended that you then burn or shred your writing.

Forgiveness is Awesome.

I used to hold on to the shitty things that happened to me. I didn’t want them to happen again, and so I held on, and I kept fuming and being angry.

Only forgiving something is truly the only way to release it from your karmic path.

Consider that if you don’t forgive, it will keep repeating.

See if you can find this reality in your life?!

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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