The Catalyst to our Transformation 🦋

The process for getting your power back, called Feeling for Healing, involves a transformative four-step method that has changed my life and those of hundreds of my clients. Though it is not for the faint of heart, Fenix and I believe that YOU are up to the challenge.
The Catalyst to our Transformation 🦋

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The Process for getting Your Power Back 🦋

Learning how to transform, when you feel like you’re being held down

This 4 step process is the one that has changed my life the most.

I call it Feeling for Healing.

Hundreds of my clients have called it some kind of ‘magic’ or ‘miraculous’.

It is NOT for the faint of heart. But Fenix and I know that YOU are up the challenge.

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Your Sacred Transformation Workout 💪 

Feeling for Healing™

If you’ve attend a live event these questions will prompt, guide and make sense.

But if you haven’t – you might need to read the full details available here in the dashboard – Full Feeling for Healing Guide

Feel Your Feelings

How are you feeling? Make sure you’re aware within your body. You don’t feel in the mind… you feel in the body. [1]

Where are you feeling it? Does what you’re feeling have a texture, color or movement? [2]

E – Embrace Your Feelings

Fully accept, embrace and really welcome your feelings. [3]

Be aware of any resistance to feeling, and let go of that resistance. [4]

E – Express Your Feelings

Let your feelings have a completely free and uncensored voice. [5]

It might feel like you’re making it all up. That’s ok. That’s how it feels at first. [6]

Keep expressing until you feel still, or somewhat silent within. [7]

L – Love Your Feelings

Talk kindly, lovingly and compassionately to these feelings, like they’re small children. [8]

Give yourself whatever you need. [9]

I do this when I need to. Usually it’s at least every couple of weeks. But as I shared in the Video Workshop above – I did this MORE than daily for months. And that was the catalyst for ME to move from being deeply stuck in unrequited love, to manifesting marriage.

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You Deserve to Know Your Own Love

Every single one of our falls, our failures, our pains, our heartaches… every single one of them is begging you to know your own Love.

Loving ourselves when we’re polished and perfect means nothing, and takes nothing. That kind of love is conditional and fleeting. But that’s what most of us are running on! Chasing that next moment when we feel good, or feel enough – because then we feel happy and treat ourselves well.

But what if every down day, what if every time the 💩 hits the fan in your life – your being invited to learn how to love you, to make space for you, to truly understand and learn how Your Healing Heart Works?!

Well if any of this resonates, really dive into the workout today. It might change your life as much as it has mine.

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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