Stop Ignoring Your Most Important Messages 💬

Your emotions are vital messengers, guiding us through neurology rewiring. Yet, we often misinterpret them through our minds, hindering our ability to follow their true guidance 🧭
Stop Ignoring Your Most Important Messages 💬

It’s Time to Feel

Time to workout your Sacred Muscles 💪

Your Emotions are Your BEST Messengers 💬

As we learn how to feel FOR clearing and rewiring our neurology, we begin to see that Every Single One of Our Pesky Negative Emotions – is actually a profound and perfect messenger. [1] [2]

The problem is however – that we often listen to what our MIND has to say about how we feel. And we think that’s what our feeling is telling us to do.

Today we’ll unpack this in our Sacred Workout.

Today we’re gonna start to let our emotions guide us more fully to our Calling and the Life that We Love!

1 minute for Radical Self-Love Today!

What’s the Toughest Moment You’ve Had This Week? Let Yourself Just Feel that IN YOUR BODY [not your head] for 1 minute 👍

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Emotions are MASSIVELY Misunderstood 🤯

When we feel sad – our head goes: “It’s cause you didn’t do enough.”

When we feel scared – our head goes: “See these people can’t be trusted, let’s hide.”

When we feel angry – our head goes: “I can’t trust you, you’re crazy.”

When we feel small and broken – our head goes: “You can’t trust you. Who can we find to tell us how to be fixed.”

Learning how to LISTEN to the core message of our emotions and NOT our head when we’ve got Big Tough Emotions is life changing.

Discerning the Emotional ‘Message’, from the ‘Coping Mechanism’, with Dr Zoë Lumiere

Let’s use an example to unpack this best.

Something doesn’t go the way you want it (at work, in relationship, etc).

Maybe you feel sad (emotion) and your coping mechanism of (play small and make everyone else feel better) kicks in.

If you were to slow down, let go of your head and the thoughts of “I’m an idiot, how can I fix this, how can I make sure everyone knows I love them”… and just feel that sadness, you would get a clear simple message.

I’m sad and I need a hug.

I’m sad and I’ve been trying so very hard and I just need someone to tell me they see me and love me.

I’m sad and I need a break.

I’m sad and I need more love.

We can retrain our brains to receive these messages effectively and rewire our coping mechanisms in the process.

Let’s put this into practice in our Sacred Workout Today!

Feelings like disappointment, embarrassment, irritation, resentment, anger, jealousy, and fear, instead of being bad news, are actually very clear moments that teach us where it is that we’re holding back.
They’re like messengers that show us, with terrifying clarity, exactly where we’re stuck.

Your Sacred Rewiring Workout 💪

Allowing Emotions as Messengers

  1. First choose a tough moment from the last week, or more. Today make sure the moment you choose is EITHER:
    • Big. In this moment you felt or were aware of pushing down BIG HUGE LARGE feelings. • or Irrational. Maybe someone didn’t text you back and you felt betrayed instantly. • or Repetitive. Maybe over the last few months this same feeling has been showing up in a very of contexts in your life. It might be subtle, but it’s the same in multiple areas of your life.
  2. Next, let your mind and your coping mechanisms have a field day first. Just let yourself describe the tough moment, without any real awareness. Let yourself be immature and just complain, and blame and be all kinds of negative. You’ll probably know this is NOT true… but just have enough courage to write it down anyway. It’s in there unconsciously – so let’s release it by writing it down!
  3. Next step is to move from our head and into our heart! Remember emotions and feelings are usually only a few words long. I feel sad. I feel lost. I feel small. I feel afraid. In contrast: I feel like she shouldn’t have down that. I really feel like this is the problem with… [those aren’t feelings. Those are the ‘coping or surviving’ thoughts attached to the feeling] Keep feeling until you find the strongest emotion, in just a few words.
  4. Next step is to ask that strong core (in your body emotion) ‘What do you need sweet child?’ Relate to it with kindness and sweetness like you would to a 5 year old child. It won’t give you it’s powerful message if you’re critical or pushy. And it does take practice, because our head likes to interject with what it THINKS you need. But the FEELING in your body WILL have an answer. It will easily, like a small child does, it will tell you: I feel sad and I need to know I’m good. I feel lost and I just need to know it’s going to be ok. I feel small and I need a hug.
  5. Final step is hopefully evident… but it’s to life into that Huge Loving Heart that YOU REALLY ARE and give your human feelings what they need. You’ll probably need to use your Divine Imagination in some way. Tell yourself that you are good and give yourself an experience of goodness within. Tell yourself it IS going to be ok (because it IS!!!) and give yourself an experience of okness.
Pro Tip: Do this whenever the 💩 hits the fan! Whenever you have a BIG feeling, or it’s Irrational, or it’s that same pesky feeling AGAIN!!! Get into the habit of moving from your head, to your heart, and simply ask : How do you feel and what do you need?! Then treat yourself with all the Love you’d give your pure, perfect, innocent inner 5-year old self.

Learn How to Rewire Your Patterns with Sacred Self-Healing

Learning to Love and Heal Yourself is no longer Woo Woo – it's backed by NeuroScience and Pscyhology.

Learn the Foundation for Self-Healing

If you commit to growing this muscle – of being soft, and kind, and compassionate and loving when you have tough emotions – miracles WILL happen.

You will start releasing those patterns of smallness and stuckness.

You will start feeling loved, and courageous and like those big, bold, brave dreams in your heart are possible.

If there is one thing I wish for the world it’s this.

Because it’s this profound SACRED SKILL that helped me heal and rewire from sexual abuse, and grieving my mother’s death 20 years later, and continuing to use every tough moment in my 45 year old life, to continue to clear and rewire the tough moments from my childhood.

This is deep nuanced work. Do yourself a favor and join a MASTERHeart Call sometime soon.

I can answer any questions you have. And the Love and community support is a big part of growing.

We Love You!
Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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[1] Kukav, Gary. The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness.
[2] Chödrön, Pema. The Places that Scare You.

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