Shine Brightly!

The simple act of touch communicates emotions that words cannot express, forging connections and offering solace with its profound, silent language. Its gentle presence has the remarkable ability to convey empathy, understanding, and reassurance, knitting together the threads of human connection.
Shine Brightly!

Fenix’ PepTalk

My life hasn’t always been this easy. I used to not be able to walk up stairs. I used to cry and run away.

I used to fall over when I started to run.

I couldn’t even stand on my own when I was first rescued.

But I’ve learned how to keep going and never give up.

What in your life has taught you to be you?!

What challenges have you grown through?

Just take a moment to feel grateful for how life challenges, stretches and grows us! If we can see we’ve learned and grown through a challenge – we then can’t help but shine that Light and support out to others!

So let’s keep learning and let’s keep going!!!! 

Love 🐾 #YourHappyCoach, Fenix xoxoxoxo

The Language of Touch

Recent research from Berkeley University shows that everyday forms of touch, have the power to bring greater happiness to ourselves and others, and to also effect emotional balance and better health.[1]

How often do you touch others?

A pat on the back, or a caress of the arm?

How often do you actually touch other beings? Your furry animals included?!

Professor Dacher Keltner shares that: “After years spent immersed in the science of touch, I can tell you that they are far more profound than we usually realize: They are our primary language of compassion, and a primary means for spreading compassion.”

We might think that touch should be reserved for personal, family relationships, or even intimate relationships, but the health and emotional balance effects are encouraging us to let down our barriers to simple everyday touch with others.

And yes the science extends to touch of your furry friends. But if you have a furry friend you already knew that! But did you know that caring for your furry friend can also help relieve depression and anxiety, lower stress, and improve your heart health.[2]

A Step by Step Guide

There is so much we receive when we touch. As the giver we receive. And as the receiver we receive.

It’s easiest to understand the power of this with our furry friends. Whenever I cuddle Fenix I automatically feel happy. And from the look on his face when he’s getting belly rubs, it makes him happy too.

So how can we engage in more connected touch, with our animals and human loved ones.

You will need: • A courageous, open, vulnerable heart

  1. Simply set a clear intention, to be more aware of your opportunities to reach out and touch. That includes both your furry friends, and your human loved ones.
  2. That’s it! This clear intention that you’ve just set – is like a silent, invisible commitment that helps us both consciously and unconsciously follow through on the healing and healthy benefits of touch.
  3. Pro Tip 🏆 Try journaling your experience of touch to gain greater awareness of your opportunities. You might like to journal about moments of touch, and other experiences in your day that connect you to greater happiness, health and connection.

From Dr. Zoë

We firmly believe in the profound impact of touch. It's not merely the tangible contact of our hands; it's the gateway to understanding, empathy, and healing.

We hope that these communications have been instrumental in inspiring genuine transformations, empowering you to live with a deeper sense of trust in the immense strength of your compassionate touch. It is a force that holds immense power.

We cherish you dearly. More than words can express.

Fenix and Zoë 🤗

🙏🏼 Share The Love!

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