Share Your Dreams More 🪂

Sharing big dreams with someone is a vulnerable act of unveiling one's deepest aspirations. It's a powerful step towards fulfillment, inviting support and encouragement from trusted loved ones.
Share Your Dreams More 🪂

Grow Your Sacred Muscles of Sharing 💪

Share More with Trusted Loved Ones

It’s vulnerable to share something that’s big, bold and brave with someone else. And maybe there’s nothing bigger, bolder and braver to share than the big dreams – the heartfelt callings we want in this life.

Maybe that’s to fall in love. Or to quit your job and do what you love. Or maybe it’s to create a website that helps people. Or it’s a vacation to see your family.

It doesn’t matter WHAT it is. But it can be SO powerful to share it with a trusted loved one.

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What’s One Dream or Heartfelt Calling You Want? Have You Told Anyone?! Do You Have a Trusted Loved One You Can Tell?!

Trust Yourself.

There are no hard and fast rules in life. Except this one – Trust Yourself.

Your heart knows. Your Soul knows.

Sometimes when we’re moving on a dream, or a goal or a heartfelt calling we NEED to share it with others.

And another times – we NEEED to keep it silently and sacredly to ourself.

Trust You. Don’t blindly follow anyone. Trust Your Heart. Trust Your Soul.

How to Share Your Dreams.

Trust is earned in the ordinary moments of talking and connecting. Of sharing our wins and wonderful moments, and our fears and our feelings.

We all NEED to feel seen, heard and loved in this life. And simply sharing with a trusted loved one can give us an inner invisible experience we didn’t know we NEEDED.

A study suggests that sharing your intentions and goals increases commitment and performance. [1]

Your Authentic-Sharing Workout 💪 

Share Your Heartfelt Calling. 

  1. Does someone else know what your most present heartfelt calling is?! Your best friend? Your spouse? Your family?
  2. If the answer is YES – Are you called to share more?! To ask for support. To share small wins along the way.
  3. If the answer is NO – Is your heart calling you to share it with someone in particular?! Remember trust yourself. It may be for your highest good NOT to share right now… but to keep your dream safe, sacred and silent in your own heart.
  4. Be curious… is your Heart calling you to share more – to be seen, to be heard, to be loved and more fully supported along this adventure?! Trust You. Fully.

I Share My Dreams with My Husband Eric

I don’t share them with too many other people. Sometimes friends. Sometimes family. But my husband is my sounding board for my business and my life.

That is what works for me.

This life is about awakening into What Works for You.

Let yourself see what has worked in the past.

And let yourself also be aware of those soft, sacred moments when your heart is calling you to share more – to voice more of your intentions, goals and dreams with people that love and care about you. Sharing your dream may help you unlock the next part of the adventure!

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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