The Sacred Skill of Emotionalization™ [Plus Secret Preview]

In the pursuit of progress, emphasize the method of your movement rather than the specifics of your actions. Prioritizing quality over quantity enables purposeful advancement towards your goals. Focus on how you move forward, not just what you do to progress.
The Sacred Skill of Emotionalization™ [Plus Secret Preview]

Let’s Create A Week We Adore.

With a Sacred Workout for Effortless Action!

I often use the term Emotionalization™ instead of Visualization.

Visualization is only half of the story, and not even the important half. It's more important to feel what we want, than to imagine or visualize.

Neuroscience is beginning to show us that the images or thoughts we have in our mind are not as important as the energy, the feeling, the emotion we experience inside. If we want to have more energy and inspiration… focus more on your feelings, and less on your thoughts and visions. [1] [2]

Today we're going to workout our sacred muscles of feeling for aligned action.

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Once You Experience This, Action Can Be Effortless

I'm naturally an emotional, compassionate person, so this is easy for me. And I'm going to guess that it's probably easy for most of you too.

But it does require a change in perspective.

In western society we care MUCH more about having the thoughts we want, and pay very little attention to cultivating emotion.

Joe Dispenza says it best below. [1] [2]

And we can get a taste of it in just a minute.

I used this skill to manifest my husband 💍

I know. That sounds so dramatic AND so woo-woo. And it is NOT the whole story. I also did a LOT of healing work and rewiring work. It is NOT as simple as just doing this.

And I do believe this helps. This can help us find the unconscious patterns we need to heal and rewire. So doing this kind of spiritual manifestation process ALONGSIDE deep healing can support us in manifesting what's for our Highest Good.

I went to bed for more than a hundred nights, feeling that my husband's arm was around me. I felt so loved, just as I was. And so profoundly grateful to have found him so effortlessly. This was about 1 year before my first date with him.

We love you!
Dr. Zoë and Fenix

Your Sacred Manifestation Workout 💪 

Developing the Skill of Emotionalization™

  1. First, relax, get comfy, and ask for Your Highest Good. 💫
  2. Ask yourself: What do I want the most? If I knew it was guaranteed, what would I ask for from the Universe right now? Let that one thing pop into your consciousness.
  3. Now use your imagination and your inner vision – to visualize yourself fully receiving and experiencing the thing you want. See that 1 specific moment in time as clearly as you can.
  4. Now do your best to completely FEEL what receiving and experiencing this 1 thing is for you. Keep visualizing it, until you can focus only on feeling it.
  5. When you can, let go of the vision, and focus only on how you feel. Be aware there is a vibration, a frequency of energy within you right now. Keep enjoying that, feeling that, allowing that fully.
  6. Define your key frequency. What words or small phrase best describe your most powerful inner feeling: your frequency? Write it down.
  7. Charge your energy field with your frequency for at least 17 seconds continuously. You might get distracted. No worries! Just keep coming back and focusing on and experiencing your frequency.

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