Rewiring Scarcity back to Abundance 💸💰

Financial hardships often lead to feelings of lack, scarcity, doubt, and anxiety, making it tough to stay positive. Instead of just masking these emotions with temporary positivity, addressing the root causes of financial insecurities is essential for genuine emotional and financial well-being.
Rewiring Scarcity back to Abundance 💸💰
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Times are tough 💸

It's undeniably challenging not to feel the weight of lack, scarcity, doubt, and anxiety when facing financial hardships. The struggle to maintain a mindset of abundance and positivity in the midst of bill payments can make navigating this world feel incredibly tough.

While it's tempting to simply push away feelings of doubt and fear by focusing solely on positivity, this approach is often insufficient. Merely masking these emotions with superficial positivity doesn't address the root cause of our limiting beliefs - the very source of our doubts and fears.

Practicing gratitude, affirmations, or visualization techniques can temporarily elevate our mood, but they may not effectively eliminate the underlying sources of our doubts and fears. What if, instead of just masking these negative emotions, we could address and clear the root causes of our financial insecurities?

Learn to Embrace Your Doubts & Discomforts

Imagine your doubts, fears, pain, and problems as small, out-of-balance children seeking attention.

They represent repressed energy that needs acknowledgment, love, and release.

Consider that your doubt and fear, pain and problems, are just like small out of balance children.

They are repressed energy coming up to be seen, honored, loved and released.

You wouldn’t put a child in the trunk to shut them up.

But you also don’t do what the child tells you to do in that moment.

Rather, you just make space. You listen to the child. You hold the child. You allow the child to do what nature does best – come into balance naturally.

Tuesday’s Sacred Muscles Workout 💪

Rewire from lack and fear back to Love and Abundance

If you’re feeling challenged financially right now allow yourself to actually feel that. Embrace the sensations in your body. And let them speak so they can be released and rewired.

R – Relax your body, let go of the world outside of you, and breathe.

As you let go of the world outside of you, embrace and experience the world within you. [1]

Ask to be filled with the Highest Good, the Highest Light, the Highest Love. [2]

E – Embrace whatever fears, doubts and negative thinking you have.

Accept that you have fears, or doubts, or negative thoughts. Let that be ok. [3]

Let yourself have compassion for having a tough time right now. [4]

W – Write down what your Fear / Doubt / Thoughts are saying.

Allow them to write until they have nothing left to say. [5]

Now ask your body is there anything you are still holding onto? Keep writing until it says nothing. [6]

I – Inquire about how this experience is strengthening & expanding you?

How might this experience be for you? Be kind and curious. [7]

And what do you need to focus on your own growth and healing? [8]

R – Rewire and Reframe all connected beliefs

Say: “I forgive myself for buying into the misbelief that… “ [9]

Keep saying and completing that sentence until you feel still and silent inside.

E – Experience the truth

Say: “AND The truth is that I am… “ [10]

Keep completing your truth until you feel Whole, Healthy and overflowing with Love.

This work takes time, commitment and great courageous Love.

It’s NOT a quick fix. But if you show up for it, you will NOT be disappointed. And we dove into speaking about this a lot in our LIVE call yesterday. Watch the recording and listen to the sharing below xoxox. We love you. Fenix and Zoë 🤗

Today’s Advanced Rewiring Back to Love™ Workout 💪 

Transform Negative Experience into Clarity & Energy

Watch Yesterday’s LIVE Call Recording

LIVE Call with Dr Zoë & Eric Lumiere • June 3, 2024

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