Reclaiming Authentic Emotional Expression 😵‍💫

Emotion is the driving force behind progress, embodying energy-in-motion. When we acknowledge, allow, and release our emotions, they propel us forward on our path of evolution. Harnessing this energy enables us to move forward with clarity and purpose.
Reclaiming Authentic Emotional Expression 😵‍💫

Freely Feeling

Growing our Muscles of Authentic Emotional Expression

In the Gabor Maté video I played in last week’s MASTERHeart [view here] we learned how we as a human race have learned to suppress our emotion, which is resulting in a pandemic of physical, emotional and mental health.

Learning how to allow and express our emotions is critical for health and happiness.

So today, we’re going to grow our muscles of Authentic Emotional Expression.

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1 minute for Authentic Emotion Today!

When was the last time you felt Authentically Happy? Recall it. Let yourself feel it until you’re smiling ear to ear, your eyes are soft and closed, and your shoulders have dropped a whole inch.

If You’re Not Moving Forward, It’s Probably Because You’re NOT Feeling.

Emotion is literally and metaphysically energy-in-motion.

If we don’t feel and allow and release it – it becomes stuck energy in the body, and it stops us from flowing, moving, evolving.

Just be aware of ANY big emotion you’ve ever felt. BIG Anger — is a LOT of energy. BIG Sadness — is a LOT of energy. BIG Joy — is a LOT of energy.

It’s energy for moving forward!!!!!!

But we’ve got to learn how to allow this big energy without making it mean anything and without it making terrible decisions for us.

Our Big Emotions are best understood like a small children. In the middle of their temper tantrums or pity parties we DON’T want them making decisions or driving the car. But we also need to learn how to stop ignoring them and shoving them in the trunk! There is ANOTHER WAY… for them to be powerful energy for moving forward.

Here’s How to Move Forward, Says Gabor Maté

If you want to move forward in ways that matter to you, you’ve got to allow yourself to feel your authentic emotion.

The HUGE MISUNDERSTANDING too many of us have about emotion - is that it’s not well understood how to FEEL our emotions – so they can be received and we can learn what we need, what’s out of balance and what’s important.

For example – when we have BIG Anger we have a LOT of energy that’s often directed into blame and revenge. And if we don’t take some time, with loving compassion and acceptance – that anger does and says stupid things.

But if we can allow ourselves to FEEL, and to BE WITH our emotion, and curiously we ask: What do you need? What’s out of balance? What’s important to you right now?

If we ask and TAKE TIME allowing our emotion to show us our answers, we’ll find our loving compassionate focus easily transforms this energy into positive movement.

Emotional competence is what we need to develop if we are to protect ourselves from the hidden stresses that create a risk to health, and it is what we need to regain if we are to heal. We need to foster emotional competence in our children, as the best preventive medicine. GABOR MATÉ

Your Authentic-Emotion Workout 💪 

Expressing Authentic Emotion Freely [This might be more like 17, not 7 minutes today]

  1. Call forward your most recent BIG Anger feeling. Just trust whatever comes up. If a moment from last week comes up – go with that. If a moment from 10 years ago comes up – go with that.
  2. Let yourself feel it. Where do you feel it in the body? What color does or would it have? What texture and movement does or would it have?
  3. If it were a cartoon character – create it as an exaggerated disney animation. Let this character express and vent and share freely. Just let it express however it wants to.
  4. Now ask this cartoon character:
    1. What do you need?
    2. What’s out of balance?
    3. What’s important to you?
  5. And finally, use your love and compassion to give this character what they need. Your love, acceptance and support will transform this seemingly negative energy into free energy for moving forward positively!
  6. Now call forward your most recent BIG Sad feeling. And repeat questions 2 - 5.
  7. Finally call forward your most recent BIG Joy feeling. Repeat questions 2 - 5.
Pro Tip: Be aware of how different the emotion can feel – compared with it’s pure loving intention. It takes time and vulnerability and love to unpack our emotions.

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Learning how to be with our emotions so they don’t push us in negative our counteractive action – is HUGE.

What most of us have done is learn to shut them down.

We were told ‘don’t cry’. Don’t be angry. Be happy. Be grateful. Smile for your grandparents. Hug your Aunt and be happy with and about everyone.

Very few of us have been shown how to allow our emotions in a positive way, so we learn to shut them off and in doing so we shut off our connection to our intuition, our intimacy and our innate ability to feel joy and all the wonderful positive experiences FULLY in life.

So just for the next week, can you feel more fully without making your emotion MEAN anything

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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