Rainbow Bridge Club 🌈 Tomorrow @ 5pm pacific.

We go LIVE at 5pm tomorrow! This week will be focus on Keeping Our Guardian Angels Close!
Rainbow Bridge Club 🌈 Tomorrow @ 5pm pacific.

I have been blown away by the fact that there are other humans, brave enough to show up for a Rainbow Bridge Club 🌈.

I think it’s such a wonderful opportunity, to more fully show up for the Love that continues with, for and from our animal angels after they’ve passed. And this week that will be our focus: Keeping Our Guardian Angels Close: how to be open and allow greater connection and closeness with our pets that have passed.

Everyone is invited to this free call. It is a safe and sacred space for us to feel the big Love we have for our animal angels.

We have time and space to feel and grieve, and time and space to Celebrate and Connect more fully with our friends that have passed over that Rainbow Bridge too.

Dr. Zoë Lumiere will support anyone seeking professional guidance along their pet grieving / reconnecting journey. And we have time for group sharing, so that we can be supported and inspired by each other.

Learn more about the calls here and get the full schedule of upcoming calls: https://allowinglove.org/rainbowbridgeclub

Join the call here: http://bit.ly/rainbowbridgeclubzoom

Fenix and I can’t wait to be with some of us again soon xoxxoox.

Zoe and Fenix xoxoox

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