Moving from Love not Fear [Cheat Sheet] 🌺

Embracing self-belief requires understanding the interplay between fear and love as motivating factors in our lives. By recognizing these forces, we can navigate challenges with confidence and move closer to our goals.
Moving from Love not Fear [Cheat Sheet] 🌺

Time to Believe

Your Cheat Sheet for Growing Your Muscles of Self-Belief

We all have dreams and callings: experiences things that we are on this planet uniquely to give, to receive, to share.

Learning to TRUST YOURSELF is everything. But it’s complicated.

Sometimes we want to move because of FEAR.

And sometimes we’re motivated to move because of LOVE…

Today we’re going to unpack how to trust and move mountains in our life – through learning to discern what’s moving us forward.

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1 minute for Moving with Love ❤️‍🔥

What’s the Single One Dream you have, that keeps coming back. No matter how many times you let it go, your heart keeps calling again? Let yourself feel it. Let yourself feel and know it’s LOVE. You can TRUST it.

We’re all more afraid than we’d like to admit…

I know we’re big, brave adults. But we ALL get scared and aren’t always sure how to move forward on what we want. That’s trust for ALL OF US.

Today we’re going to learn how to have MORE compassion for our fear, as a key for discerning our fear from Love.

Fear is NOT your enemy! It can be a wonderful ally to help you find what you really LOVE!

How to Move with Love, Says Neale Donald Walsch

Today we’re turning some inspiration into a Cheat Sheet for starting your days and weeks friending your fear, and following your Love.

All human actions are motivated at their deepest level by one of two emotions—fear or love. NEALE DONALD WALSCH

Your Sacred Action Workout 💪 

Allowing Love to Guide us and Fuel us Forward! 

  1. Expand into your Highest Good for this week. That means ask the Universe – ask your Heart, for the Best Experience Possible now, today and this week.
  2. Now ask for 1 thing: 1 experience, that’s fueled by Love. We can know what’s motivated by love with this cheater’s guide:
    1. What’s the 1 thing in our life that keeps showing up (Maybe it’s a business idea, or a particular personal dream, or just something that feels important to you that keeps showing up in your mind again and again).
    2. Does this thing expand you? In moving towards this 1 thing: will it require you to grow, to expand, to live more of your truth?
    3. Does this thing frighten you? Does this bring up big energy for you?! (Just like when you’re about to get on a rollercoaster, and you’re so excited / frightened that there’s lots of energy in you). It’s a great sign!
  3. Once you have One Thing that A. Is Consistent AND B. Is Gonna Grow You AND C. Frightens You
  4. Let yourself feel it. Let yourself imagine and experience having this 1 thing: 1 experience you want. It’s ok to let yourself be aware that there is an energy that wants you to do it – that’s pushing you to grow, and get on that rollercoaster. AND it’s also ok to let yourself be aware that there is an energy that is wanting you to run! That is scared! Let yourself feel BOTH energies: both truths. Let yourself feel that Love wants you to expand, and that your fear wants you to run, hide, play small, give up.
  5. Now ask your fear: the energy that would prefer you didn’t follow this dream and calling: What are you most afraid of!? Answer this vulnerably. Fully. Let yourself write down the ridiculous things (that you KNOW aren’t true…but that we do feel inside sometimes) let yourself know what it is this energy is afraid of and let it help you find your bottomline. Maybe it’s ‘noone will love me’. Or ‘I’ll be homeless’. Or ‘I’ll die’. I know that sounds dramatic – but that’s what our fears and feelings are: they are DRAMATIC. And if we DON’T see, hear and honor them, they run us from the shadows…rather than being brought into the Light so they can show us what we NEED, SO we can show up and be the big, brave, bold, beautiful beings we know we are!
  6. Once you have your bottomline: Your big irrational fear – Ask it what it needs? All fear is like a Huge Big Scary Caution sign. We think it means danger, or stop, or we’ve gone the wrong way! But NO!!! It means: SLOW DOWN. This is important and meaningful to you. So move with Care! Move with Love! Move with intention and wholeheartedness!!!!
  7. Give yourself what you need. Use your imagination, and give yourself what you need, in order to move forward.
  8. What’s one way Love is moving you today?! What’s the one action your trusting, loving, wholehearted part of you wants you to move FOR your dream today

Cheat Sheet for Moving Forward!

  1. Is it Consistent! Is it Expansive?! And does it bring up Big Energy (fear) for you?!
  2. Let yourself feel the fear. Like when you get on a rollercoaster – say Yes to the Big Energy and throw your hands up in the air!!!
  3. Ask yourself if there is anything you need, to let go and truly TRUST and throw your hands higher in the air – really let go and go with your dream?!
  4. Ok now do that: take care of you. Be kind and caring and compassionate to yourself! Give yourself what your fear needs in order to let go and show up!!!
  5. Now move on the one action Love is guiding you forward!!! Take one step towards your dream TODAY!
Pro Tip: Use the Monday Basic Foundation as often as you can. Create a clear intention for this week

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Fear is a wonderful friend. Learn how to feel her, and get her wonderfully supportive advice.

Fear is just excitement. It’s that huge energy that tells us we’re on to something important, meaningful: something we care about.

Our trauma triggers our fight or flight. But our huge heart can train us to SLOW DOWN, to feel the big energy of fear / excitement – and we can learn to then be kind, caring and compassionate, SO WE CAN MOVE ON LOVE, not FEAR.

Moving on the big dreams of my life – I’ve always been very aware of how much Love and Intuition I have. But also how much fear and anxiety I have.

It’s taken so many years to learn that they work together.

Think of fear like a small scared child.

If we don’t get down on their level, and be with them, and support and take care of them – they stick their heels in the ground, temper tantrum and refuse to move.

But if we can find out what they need – which is often just ‘a hug’, or ‘to have their hand held’ – we learn pretty quickly that we can transform our fear into more love.

Try it. I hope it rocks and moves the mountains in your world like it did for me.

We just need so much more love and compassion than we think. So be kind. Slow down. Take good care of you… and watch pure magic and miracles show up in your life.

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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