More Courage for Sharing Your Calling ⛵️

Sharing our big, bold dreams is an act of vulnerability that exposes our deepest desires to the world. Whether it's pursuing a passion, creating something meaningful, or reconnecting with loved ones, revealing these aspirations opens us up to judgment and fear but also to connection and inspiration.
More Courage for Sharing Your Calling ⛵️

It’s hard to share your dreams and gifts with the world

It’s vulnerable to share something that’s big, bold and brave with someone else. And maybe there’s nothing bigger, bolder and braver to share than the big dreams – the heartfelt callings we want in this life.

Maybe that’s to fall in love. Or to quit your job and do what you love. Or maybe it’s to create a website that helps people. Or it’s a vacation to see your family.

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Most of us aren’t talking about our dreams

We all have them. We are all called to share our Love and gifts uniquely with this world.

But most of us are NOT sharing them because of past disappointments. It’s simply hard to have the courage to share how big and bright you are, when you got slapped and told to be silent when you did that last.

Don’t Let the World Hold You Back.

Choose to write a brave new ending.

Remind yourself that you DO have what it takes to endure disappointment, or even get slapped back down.

You do.

Because you have you. You have your love, and your support, and the huge unconditionally compassionate power of your own Heart.

And you have us. Zoe and Fenix xox

Your Authentic-Sharing Workout 💪

Share Your Heartfelt Calling

  1. Does someone else know what your most present heartfelt calling is?! Your best friend? Your spouse? Your family?
  2. If the answer is YES – Are you called to share more?! To ask for support. To share small wins along the way.
  3. If the answer is NO – Is your heart calling you to share it with someone in particular?! Remember trust yourself. It may be for your highest good NOT to share right now… but to keep your dream safe, sacred and silent in your own heart.
  4. Be curious… is your Heart calling you to share more – to be seen, to be heard, to be loved and more fully supported along this adventure?! Trust You. Fully.

We All Need to Loved, and Supported.

None of us succeed alone. That’s why we’ve created this Sacred Circle. This unique experience to do the sacred healing work, together. Fenix and Zoë 🤗

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