Monday Magic 🪄

Start your week with clear intentions by reflecting on your goals and visualizing success. Prioritize self-care and stay flexible, connecting with others for support, to set the stage for a miraculous week ahead.
Monday Magic 🪄

But before we dive into today’s coaching, an overall update!

I know many of you are excited about what’s happening POST BETA 💊… so here’s what I can share so far.

Emails will continue and be FREE 💌

So many of you ADORE and USE the emails every day. So we’re going to keep making them available for free.

Weekly Online Group Support will be FREE 📹

Fenix and I will offer at least one free online zoom call a week. We’ll be sending out a survey to the folks that attended the calls to get input on the best time of week.

If you didn’t attend the calls, but would like to join in the future, and would like to have input on the timing of the call – please email me back so I can add you to our key peeps list. If you did attend calls and just want to make sure you’re on our list you can email me back now too!

We’ll Start Asking for a Few Bucks 💰

We’re going to start encouraging folks that CAN…to donate a few dollars for this amazing daily coaching support…as it looks like we WON’T be offering any form of paid coaching program. So if you do want to make sure we can continue to offer this FOR free, and you can afford a few dollars a month – please do donate. I’ll share more about this soon.

LAST Week for FREE Access to the Dashboard 📈

This week we’ll be featuring the basic life coaching foundations and it will be the last week you’ll be able to access it for free. We’ll be asking for $7-17/month for access to the advanced resources and dashboard from next Monday.

NEW 1on1 Sessions – Pay What You Can ❤️‍🔥

So many of you have recently asked about 1on1 sessions with me, and while my usual rates for 1on1 sessions is $347, I will be making a handful of sessions available every week based on a pay what you can sliding scale. Those sessions will be first come first serve. More details soon…. Fenix and Zoë 🤗 😉

A Magical Monday for a Miraculous Week

Creating a Clear Intention for Your Week Ahead

What is an Intention?

An intention is a direction established by an individual to communicate to themselves and the Universe where they aim to go. It serves as an inner compass, helping to determine if one is moving towards their goal or engaging in other activities.

What is a Clear Intention?

A clear intention is either a direction, outcome or goal that feels very clear and important to us.

It’s also one that we’re willing to put time, effort, feeling and energy into! We’re willing to start to see, and feel, and create the kind of experience we want the most!

The Sacred Workout today is one of the most powerful ways I know to set a Clear Intention for This Week.

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Your Authentic-Action Workout 💪

Master Moving Forward with Small Steps 

Once you are familiar with each of these steps, this process can easily take 7 minutes or less. However as you’re building up the sacred muscles necessary to clarity and experience these steps, it may take you longer.

Click Here for the Full Instructions in the Dashboard for the below Workout The following instructions are brief. Get the full explanation with examples in the dashboard.

  1. Expand into The Highest Good [1] for this week. Let yourself feel it’s gonna be better than you could possibly imagine.
  2. Let yourself connect with One Experience You Really Want [2] this week. It doesn’t matter which one.
  3. Let yourself Feel it. Emotionalize it. [3] How would you feel, if this one experience came true
  4. Identify your Frequency. Keep feeling the reality of this one thing you want: what one word or few words best describes it? [7]
  5. Feel your Frequency for 17 seconds or more. [8] Keep feeling the heart: the frequency of this experience for at least 17 seconds. If you get distracted, keep coming back to start the 17 seconds of continuous frequency.
  6. Now Create a Clear Intention to Live Your Frequency! [11] In present tense, write a clear intentional statement for living your frequency this week.
  7. What’s one next step (or more) that will support you in living your frequency? [12] Write it down and move on it!
Pro Tip: Do this every week! And whenever you’re ready for the REAL challenge - do this daily. This is how I start my day. And how I encourage my clients to anchor their days into a higher energy source and their Soul led dreams.

Last Week to Access the Dashboard for FREE

FULL Detailed Instructions for This Monday’s Workout Here

Access NOW

More updates to come this week…

I will be finalizing some updates this week [I had hoped to be ready to share about it THIS WEEK] but with some family emergencies, travel, service work AND getting sick… I’ll be aiming for next Monday.

If you haven’t – make sure you complete the BETA 💊 Survey here.

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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