Let Your Creativity Move You 🎨

In the chaos of daily life, an 'Artist Date' reignites creative passions. Whether a solitary walk in nature or a cozy painting session at home, it fosters joy and self-expression. Embracing these moments nourishes the soul, deepening our connection to creativity.
Let Your Creativity Move You 🎨

Time for an ‘Artist Date’?!

Learn how to make sacred time for your creativity and joy.

Today’s guide is inspired by Julia Cameron and the Artist’s Way. And Secret the Aussie Shepherd that could paint! Watch Secret paint her first flower here.

Today we’re going to make time and space to be creative. But more than just paint or dance, we’re going to connect with the heart of our inner creativity.

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1 minute for Creativity Today!

What’s one creative thing that you love?! Painting • Dancing • Writing • Cooking • Gardening • Singing • Poetry Just spend 1 minute deeply connected to your love for that thing. Feel it. What a blessing 🥹

Here’s How to Love Life, Says Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron believes in a universal creative force that individuals can tap into to enhance their creativity and overall fulfillment for all of life!

Artist dates involve solo activities like exploring new places or engaging in creative pursuits to inspire and reflect on one's thoughts and emotions. Solitude is emphasized as a time for recharging and deepening the connection with the inner artist. [1]

Experts agree that alone time, reframed as solitude, can boost creativity, self-understanding, mood, and social energy, despite potential challenges individuals may face in embracing it. [2]

When choosing an Artist Date, it is good to ask yourself, “what sounds fun?” — and then allow yourself to try it. JULIA CAMERON

Your Inner Creativity Workout 💪

Try an Artist Date this Week!

  1. Brainstorm Artist Date Ideas. Come up with at least 10 artist date ideas. You can categorize them by budget too:
    1. Free Dates:
      1. Walking around a new neighborhood and creating a hand-drawn map
      2. Visiting a local park for a sketching session
      3. Having a DIY art session with materials you already own
    2. Low-Budget Dates:
      1. Preparing a personal picnic for the beach
      2. Attending a free community art workshop
      3. Exploring a street art tour in your city
    3. Mid-Budget Dates:
      1. Purchasing a new candle or decorative item from a thrift store
      2. Trying out a new art class or workshop
    4. High-Budget Dates:
      1. Treating yourself to a visit at an art exhibition in the nearest city
      2. Booking a creative retreat or workshop weekend
  2. Choose a Date Based on Budget. Assess your current budget and select a date from the list that fits within your means.
    1. If you can splurge right now, opt for a high-budget date.
    2. If you're on a tight budget, go for a free or low-budget date.
  3. Record Your Selected Date. Note down the chosen artist date to keep track of your plans and commitments.
  4. Consider Logistics. Determine what arrangements are necessary to make the artist date happen.
    1. Check for any scheduling conflicts with partners, family, or friends.
    2. Arrange for childcare if needed.
    3. Ensure transportation is available if the date requires it.
    4. Prepare any materials or resources required for the date in advance.
  5. Incorporate Into Routine. Set a specific date and time for your artist date in your schedule. Treat it as a non-negotiable appointment with yourself. Make sure to follow through and prioritize this time for your creative well-being.
  6. Enjoy Your Artist Date!!!! Fully immerse yourself in the experience and let your creative energy flow. Reflect on how the artist date has impacted your creativity and overall well-being afterward.
Pro Tip: Try an Artist’s Date once a Month! Or as Julia encourages – once a Week! Consistent artist dates are a must for anyone who wants to cultivate their creativity. They provide essential ingredients—including solitude, inspiration, and reflection—that help you unleash your inner artist!

I love making Fenix videos. They are my number 1 creative outlet.

I spend hours making Fenix videos 😁

And yes some take just a few moments. A cute prance, matched with a cute song and boom. 1 minute and done. Like this one at Madonna Inn.

But I have taken a few hours or more on a single post. Matching various footage together. Synchronizing music. Creating voiceover and or captions. Filtering, effects and more. Like this one in the Snow at Mammoth Lakes.

It truly is like making a painting for me. I get SUCH JOY in having an idea – an inspiration of a particular memory, or song, or life coaching idea – and then creating a video around it.

So trust yourself and your life – what do you find yourself doing and really enjoying. And can you do more of it?! Allow yourself to be immersed and spontaneous with it?! Make a date out of it?! So you can slow down, have time and deeply enjoy it 😁

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

We Love You. Thanks so much for being here xoxoxoo.

We do have NEWS – next week we’ll be sharing more!!!

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