Last Call: And why NOT to Sign Up 🤣

Join the 17Day Sacred Morning Practice program at your own risk. If you want to be comfortable and play it safe, read no further. If however your heart and Soul IS calling you to show up more, to love more, to create more, to be ALL of YOU in this life… then read on.
Last Call: And why NOT to Sign Up 🤣

Why You Should NOT Sign up for the Sacred Morning Practice Program

Because you’re gonna feel out of your comfort zone, if you start moving on the Big, Bold, Brave and overwhelmingly Beautiful callings in your heart and Soul.

When we really take the time to connect and receive what Our Authentic Self is calling us into… we’ve got to let go of playing small and always being comfortable.

We all hold back from doing what we truly WANT to do sometimes, because we’re afraid (either consciously or unconsciously) of it not going the way we want.

In this moment, as I’m getting ready to be with some of you on Wednesday, about 37% of me wishes I had kept my big, bold, brave mouth shut… because I am ‘scared’. Right now I am feeling that big energy that we might call fear, OR excitement… and it’s NOT COMFORTABLE.

It would have been SO MUCH EASIER if I had ignored that sweet little nudge from my Spirit inside to create and share this.

I wouldn’t have to show up and be SEEN 🫣

I wouldn’t have to risk this not going the way I want to, and subsequently feeling like a failure and a loser 🤣

I wouldn’t have to feel so vulnerable and exposed 😬

Without my Sacred Morning Practice I KNOW I would NOT have followed this intuitive call to share this program.

Without the clarity over many days, I would NOT have trusted this bold idea.

And without the courage and enthusiasm that has continued to come present in my morning practice… I would have abandoned this program by now.

So if you’re ready to leave the comfort zone of playing it safe and small with your life, I can’t encourage you to join us enough.

I love you.

So much.


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Dr. Zoë Lumiere

Dr. Zoë Lumiere

Zoë supports human beings in rewiring: clearing the unconscious blocks holding them back from loving themselves and adoring their lives.

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