Kind Eyes and Soft Tone 😍

Discover the power of nonverbal communication and how it can enhance relationships. Experience the magic of connecting through body language, facial expressions, and more. Let's make the world a happier place together! #LoveInAllWays
Kind Eyes and Soft Tone 😍

Grow Your Sacred Muscles of Softness

Embrace the strength of your kindness

You might be surprised to learn that only 7% of all communication is verbal. That’s 93% of all human communication being nonverbal! So being aware of and utilizing nonverbal communication, such as body language, tone, and facial expressions, can greatly enhance the effectiveness of our communication and build closer, more fulfilling relationships. [1]

So today we’re going to be playing how we communicate non verbally, as a way to create more of the happy relationships and life we truly want.

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1 minute for Connection Today!

Take 1 minute to set a clear intention to communicate clearly, softly and powerfully with your eyes today. When you’re talking, when you’re walking past someone, when you’re sharing a meal – remember you’re communicating with your eyes! So be kind, love and connect.

Fenix’ Tone of Voice

If Fenix could talk, what do you think would be the tone of his voice?!

Would it be stern, harsh, and unemotional.

Or would it be kind, sweet, supportive?!

Of course as his Mum, I know he would probably have many different tones to match his many different moods… but I feel pretty confident that his tone of voice would be one that was so warm, encouraging and loving.

What about you?! What tone of voice would your furry best friend have?

How to Master Kindness, Says Dogs

I hope you know that one of the reasons you love me so much, is cause I am so kind, so loving, so soft, and so unconditionally supportive.

And it’s not because I'm special in anyway. It’s just because I'm a dog.

All dogs are KIND, and SOFT and unconditionally LOVING.

But guess what… all humans… deep down, under their fear, and trauma and pain and past conditioning… is loving.

So let’s show up in greater kindness, so we can help the whole world find their kindness.

If a dog was president, all our problems would be solved. They would lead with kindness, and we would learn how to help take care of each other, not just ourselves.

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Join us!

Your Sacred Connection Workout 💪

Soft Tone and Kind Eyes

It’s kind of simple. We’re going to do our best to use as few words as possible, just for one day, so we can get a rich experience of how much we communicate non-verbally.

1. Begin your day with a conscious decision to minimize your use of words. Instead, focus on nonverbal communication, such as body language, tone, and facial expressions.

2. How much can you communicate with your eyes today, with facial expressions?!?

3. How much can you communicate with nods, with your body, with your presence?!

4. How much can you communicate with smiles?! With your big, beautiful mouth?

5. How much can you communicate with touch, such as a hug or a pat on the back, to convey support and affection.

6. How much can you communicate with eye contact and other ways of showing people you are listening and with them fully?

7. Reflect on your experience at the end of the day. What did you learn about nonverbal communication? Did you feel more connected to others? How can you continue to incorporate nonverbal communication into your daily life? 

Pro Tip: What’s your intention for being more loving, connected and communicative moving forward?!

Let Your Animals In.

Sure. Let them inside. Hopefully that’s obvious.

But let them into your heart. Pay attention. Connect with them.

They’re desperately trying to show us how to move forward. They’re here to show us how to love, how to get along, how to take care of each other.

So let them into your heart even MORE today.

Listen to the way their kind eyes talk to you.

Let them be the example this world needs.

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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