It’s a Time of Giving 🎄

Finding joy in giving is discovering happiness within ourselves. It's not just about what we give; it's about the happiness that blossoms from selflessness. Each act of giving, big or small, paints our lives with contentment. Happiness, at its core, is the gift we receive when we choose to give.
It’s a Time of Giving 🎄

Fenix’ PepTalk

But you’ll probably notice that dogs don’t give gifts. Well ok, you humans buy presents and give them to people and say that they’re from ‘us’ dogs… but we don’t give material gifts… we give our love, our kisses, our undivided and unconditionally loving attention.

Imagine that… imagine giving the gift of Undivided and Unconditionally Loving Attention to your family and friends this year… just imagine what they might do to your whole holiday season?!?!?!

Love 🐾 #YourHappyCoach, Fenix xoxoxoxo

Giving Makes Us Happy

The concept of giving is not just a fleeting holiday tradition but a timeless strategy that has the power to amplify happiness and fulfillment in our lives.

When we engage in giving, whether through small acts of kindness or grand gestures of generosity, we tap into a wellspring of positivity that extends beyond the immediate moment. Scientifically, studies have shown that acts of giving trigger the brain's pleasure centers, releasing chemicals that elevate our mood and sense of well-being.

However, the essence of giving isn't solely about material gifts. It encompasses sharing our time, compassion, and support with others. Whether it's volunteering, lending a listening ear, or offering assistance, these acts create meaningful connections and contribute to a more empathetic and interconnected society.

Embracing a giving mindset isn't just beneficial during the holidays; it's a strategic choice that can shape our daily lives. By integrating giving into our routine, we foster a sense of purpose, strengthen relationships, and create a positive impact that resonates far beyond ourselves.

So, let's not view giving as a seasonal tradition but as an ongoing strategy to cultivate happiness, enrich lives, and contribute to a more compassionate world, one kind gesture at a time.

A Step by Step Guide

Giving for Greater Happiness

The idea today is simple! We’re going to get a chance to replicate the study conducted by Harvard Business School.

You will need: • An amount of money you feel comfortable parting with today • An open mind, and a wide open heart for giving

  1. Decide how much money you feel comfortable parting with today. It might be $5, it might be $50. Or more?!
  2. Spend half of that amount on yourself.
  3. Give half of that money to someone else – ideally someone that this money would be meaningful and genuinely supportive to.
  4. Become aware of how you feel and the happiness you’re receiving from both giving to yourself and to someone else!

From Dr. Zoë

As I reflect on the true essence of the holiday season—or any time of the year, for that matter—I'm reminded of the profound joy that stems from the act of giving. It's not merely about presents or material offerings; it's about the immeasurable happiness that comes from sharing, caring, and connecting with those around us.

I've come to understand that the beauty of giving lies not only in the impact it has on others but in the transformative effect it has on our own hearts and spirits. Each time I extend a helping hand, offer a kind word, or lend my support, I feel a warmth that radiates from within—a happiness that transcends the moment and lingers in the soul.

In a world where the pace of life can be overwhelming, I've found solace and contentment in the simplicity of giving. It's a strategic choice I've made—a choice that has enriched my life in ways I never imagined. It's the choice to prioritize empathy, kindness, and generosity—a choice that has illuminated my path, making it brighter and more fulfilling.

Let's make it our mission to spread happiness, to uplift those in need, and to create a world where kindness thrives. In doing so, we not only enrich the lives of others but also nurture a sense of profound happiness within ourselves.

Wishing you a season filled with giving, joy, and the priceless gift of happiness.

Fenix and Zoë 🤗

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