It Starts at Home 🧹

Discover the power of helping at home! Boost happiness, strengthen relationships, and find fulfillment by lending a helping hand. Dive into practical steps and heartfelt strategies to create a positive home environment. Embrace the joy of giving and experience the magic of a connected family.
It Starts at Home 🧹

A Sacred Workout Around the House

Grow in joy and gratitude today

Would you be willing to give just a little time today, in an unusual way.

When we give to those we love, UNCONDITIONALLY… something magic happens.

It’s not easy to give unconditionally however. Unless you’re a dog.

Usually we give, and expect something in return.

But just for today – give a little help, unconditionally. As an experiment.

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1 minute for More Joy Today!

What’s one kind thing you can do around the house today? Let go of any expectation of getting anything in return – and then go do it.

Life is Full. You’re Probably Exhausted.

We all do so much. And most importantly – we’re all doing the best that we can!

So be generous today. And just see what happens.

Here’s How to Be Happy, Says Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa shared abundantly that she was happy and fulfilled.

Her life meant something.

She received great joy, purpose and meaning from giving to those in need.

And the same gift of unconditional service is available to us all.

Mother Teresa encouraged people to always start in their own backyards. Help at home first. Give to your family, your neighbors before thinking globally.

Your Sacred Giving Workout 💪 

Find Greater Joy in Helping Out at Home

  1. Give 7 minutes today… that’s it. Not much. Just 7 minutes to something around the house that’s not usually something you do.
  2. As you’re completing these 7 minutes – take the time to be grateful for your life as it is. Do your best to be aware that you have so much to be grateful for. Your things. Your home. The people in your home. Let yourself consider that none of these things and beings are permanent. Let yourself feel grateful you have them. Let yourself enjoy helping out in an unusual way.
  3. Now the tricky bit. Just do your best to let go of anything in return. Of any expectation that you’ll be thanked, or appreciated. That you’ll receive any support in anyway. Just do your best!

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It’s truly wild what happens when we give for the joy of it.

Just some, sweet simple thing that’s unexpected.

Experiment. Play. Be curious.

Giving is a profoundly underestimated key to happiness.

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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