Why is it So Hard to Enjoy My Life?! 😬

Your Inner Child has the keys – to loving your life again. You are wild within. You naturally know how to enjoy, have fun and be free. It's time to reconnect and rewild πŸ¦„
Why is it So Hard to Enjoy My Life?! 😬

But first let's talk about Why It’s SOOOOOO Hard to Prioritize simply Having Fun!?!?!??! Why is it SOOOOO Hard for us to simply do What We Love?!

It sounds so simple: You’ll love your life if you do more of what you easily and actually love. Of course! But we are complicated humans with complex conditioning and unconscious programing.

It can be hard for us to
[A] know what we love, and then to
[B] be able to prioritize and make time for doing what we love.

So today we're going slow down and use your inner child to show you the way 🏹

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1 minute for More Fun Today!

What did you LOVE today when you were 5 years old?
Do THAT for 1 minute today 🀣

Your Inner Child, Has the Answers You Need

What did you love to do when you were 3, or 7, or 14?

What could you do for hours when you were little, without a care or distraction in the world?

We're gonna walk you through how to sit down and chat with your Inner Child to access the keys to life you need right now.

Your Sacred Muscles Workout πŸ’ͺ 

Time to be free, wild and in Love.

  1. Give yourself the gift of 7 wild and wonderful minutes doing whatever feels fun and free. Give yourself permission, fully, now.
  2. Grab a notebook and pen, and find a quiet space to sit down and have a chat with your inner child. Relax and let yourself be aware of which age of you wants to show you how to have fun again...
  3. Ask your Inner Child: What do you LOVE to do? Let your inner child write. Let it share whatever it wants to say.
  4. Choose just one thing, and do it for 7 minutes. It sounds simple, and it is. But it might be much more energy and life-changing than you think.

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I'm still growing my sacred muscles for joy, fun and freedom.

It's still hard for me to truly let myself off the 'work hard and all the time' hook. What about you?!

Getting in touch with those things I did NATURALLY love to do is a key for me. Right now I'm using colored pencils again. OMG I can now really relax and destress pretty quickly using them.

And I spend hours in my garden now! Flowers light my heart and my Soul ON FIRE 🌸 🌺 🌼 I used to want to know the name of every flower I saw, and so my entire childhood was filled with my Mum teaching me the names of all the flowers she knew. Unfortunately it was before google existed, so if my Mum didn't know a flower, it wasn't as easy as it is now to figure it out – but my Mum did know the names of SO MANY FLOWERS!!!!!!!

And enjoying and remembering the many names of flowers that my Mum loved and shared with me – is just one of the ways I enjoy our now very different relationship. She's NOT here physically. But she is so WILDLY and WONDERFULLY present in my life – and perhaps the most present when I'm in the garden!!!

Spend some time re-getting to know your inner child. They have such profound keys for you. And most importantly – they're here to teach you how to rewild - how to fall in Love with life again.

We love you! Dr. ZoΓ« and Fenix xoxoox and Eric too xoxoox


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