How to have more energy + clarity for your ‘problems’ 👍

Overcoming Failure with Softness and Compassion! Discover the power of kindness and self-love to bounce back from setbacks. Embrace your inner child and find the courage to rise again. Let love be your guide on the path to success. 💪✨
How to have more energy + clarity for your ‘problems’ 👍
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We’re All Challenged Right Now 😬

Being a human can feel challenging. We’re here to be grown, and expanded, and that growth can feel uncomfortable and even painful.

When the Going Gets Tough, Most People Get Tough

Most of us were taught, when the going gets tough, we toughen up, we suck it up, we force and push our way through.

It Doesn’t Work for Sensitive, High Souls

And that means it probably doesn’t work for you. (You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t a sensitive, high vibration).

Toughening up when we’re in pain, upset, experiencing big problems, doesn’t work because that activates our fight or flight response.

And for ego-driven people, that can actually work quite well.

There are a lot of people fighting, and using greed, power and force to be successful. And while their world might LOOK successful. If we zoomed in we would find the absence of any authentic success or fulfillment.

Sensitive, High Souls Need to Feel First

We all want to DO something when we have a problem.

I am NOT suggesting just chill, feel your feelings, AND DO NOTHING.

I am telling you:

If you can feel and support your inside challenges FIRST.

You will then have the energy and clarity you need to do something SECOND.

I’ve Been Walking My Talk Lately 🥹

I have been feeling for healing.

I have been using my own fears and disappointments of late, to dive me deeply into profound healing.

I didn’t grow up with money.

So fears about money recently has called me to heal and rewire some deep and old experiences from my past.

That healing has led me to be ABLE to be more vulnerable and real with all of you about this email coaching business. My Long Vulnerable Share Here

We hope you all will upgrade and support this work!

And we trust, that there is something bigger and better for Fenix and my next adventure if it doesn’t all come together!

Love Dr Zoë

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