How Open is Your Heart? Keys for Intuition and Manifestation

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How Open is Your Heart? Keys for Intuition and Manifestation

Still. Open. Unknowing and Loving.

Last Monday, we introduced four keys for intuition, which are S.O.U.L [Still, Open, Unknowing, Loving].

We began with Stillness. You can read that here:

This week, we're delving deeply into openness.

Allow your focus to not just be on finding specific answers to the questions or challenges in your life, but also on living an aligned, intuitive life. Allow Spirit to move, speak, and manifest through you.

Openness: Learning to Receive.

Opening Our Mind and Letting Go of Ego

"I am allowing my Soul to lead, and my ego to serve." [Affirmation]

The ego often gets a bad rap, but the truth is that we need it to take care of our physical world reality. The challenge arises when we allow our ego to take the driver's seat in our lives, leading to a focus solely on physical world outcomes. We may try to find love and success in this physical world, but true love and success are found within ourselves, not externally.

For some choices, such as which sandwich to choose, relying on our ego to choose for the physical world works well. However, for other choices, like how to spend our time and how we want to lead our lives, allowing ourselves to open up and receive our intuition can work better. By allowing our ego to serve our intuitive direction, and emotionally aligning ourselves with the desired outcome, we can move forward in spiritual alignment and align our lower levels with our higher self.

In Order to Receive, We Must Be Open.

"I am opening in the Stillness and I am receiving." ย [Affirmation]

We do not have to work hard to prove ourselves worthy of being supported by Spirit and our intuition. Letting go of the ego's drive to work hard and prove ourselves is often part of our evolution as we learn how to receive from within.

Love is. - JOHN-ROGER

My spiritual teacher John-Roger has shared, โ€œYou have always been worthy of love, but you may have looked for proof from someone else because you didnโ€™t believe in yourself to begin with.โ€

You are completely and unconditionally lovable just because you exist. Even if you have done things you cannot forgive yourself for, the Spirit holds nothing against you. The Spirit only has love and support for you.

Do you feel worthy of receiving everything you want in this moment? And are you willing to show up for as much support as the Spirit is willing to provide?

Opening into the Observer

"I am allowing myself to observe." ย [Affirmation]

What if the simple practice of opening ourselves to receive, observe, and just watch what takes place inside us in the present moment was enough? What if it was everything?

Opening for Decision Making

"I am allowing myself to be still, to ask and to receive direction." ย [Affirmation]

It amazes me how rarely we as humans make decisions based on our intuition, rather than our ego. We have a natural tendency to want to figure things out, to think it through, and to mentally form an answer. However, taking the time to connect within, to find stillness, and to ask for guidance can lead us to a higher, more aligned direction.

When we try to figure things out at our desk, we know the feeling of putting an answer into our heads. On the other hand, we also know how to be still, ask, and then wait. It can be challenging to wait, but that feeling of truly receiving an answer, an idea, or a sense that we didn't put there is worth it. We received it from Spirit.

This process may take practice, but even after a few times of doing it, we can learn to recognize what "pops" into our consciousness. As Rumi said, "Everything in the universe is within you."

Opening to Inspiration

"I am allowing myself to be still and to open to inspiration." ย [Affirmation]

Learning to trust your instincts, using your intuitive sense of whatโ€™s best for you, is paramount for any lasting success. Iโ€™ve trusted the still, small voice of intuition my entire life. And the only time Iโ€™ve made mistakes is when I didnโ€™t listen. - OPRAH WINFREY

When we're searching for new direction or ideas in our career, relationships, or life in general, intuition can be a powerful tool. It connects us to the source of unlimited possibilities that we're seeking.

It's important to allow ourselves to be non-critical and non-judgmental, as the ego can sometimes block what the Spirit wants to bring in. Remember, the Spirit is non-inflictive. For example, if we're attached to the idea that our partner must have a lot of money, or if we believe that a worthy partner should be wealthy, but our soul contract is actually to create wealth together from the ground up, the Spirit might wait to bring us that relationship until we learn that wealth is within us and not in a bank account.

Next week, we'll delve deeper into unconditioning ourselves and letting go of preconceived notions.

Opening to the Intuition Around Us

"I am allowing myself to be still so that I can receive intuition in the world." ย [Affirmation]

Synchronicity is choreographed by a great, pervasive intelligence that lies at the heart of nature, and is manifest in each of us through intuitive knowledge.

Imagine living each day so aligned with Spirit that you receive clear signs guiding you towards all that you want.

When you are connected to the stillness within, to Source energy, you become open to receiving intuitive guidance from all around you. It's important to pay attention to the synchronicities that guide you towards what you desire.

This is not just useful information, but a useful experience. Therefore, it's crucial for you to know how to support yourself in connecting with the stillness within.

Take a few moments now to be aware of what you already know. What supports you in living connected to Source?

Opening to a New Way of Being

"I am allowing myself to learn to open more fully into my True Self." ย [Affirmation]

Connecting and opening into stillness each morning is a powerful practice. The Allowing.Loveโ„ข practice is designed to ground this experience into your lower levels and align your ego energy to serve your Soul-led dreams.

However, life happens and it's wild how quickly we can fall out of balance when it does. It's important to reconnect with our intuitive selves when facing challenges.

Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at anytime and be yourself. - HERMAN HESSE

Remembering that this is a process of opening and letting go is perhaps the most important aspect.

It is not a process of efforting, trying, or doing that can return us to that experience within. Rather, it is a process of letting go, relaxing, and opening up. This is best achieved by releasing all effort, trying, and doing... until we find ourselves back in this place of simply being who we are โ€“ which is love. While compassion and forgiveness are often necessary to return to the stillness within (Module later), sometimes all that's required to reconnect is simply opening up and letting go.

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