Stop Holding it All In πŸ›‘ [PLUS Call Today ☎️ ]

Stop Holding It All In: Discover the power of expressing yourself freely for greater happiness and well-being. Learn the transformative Morning Pages technique to release negative energy, gain clarity, and embrace your true self. Let go and live authentically. Try it today! πŸ’«
Stop Holding it All In πŸ›‘ [PLUS Call Today ☎️ ]

It's Time to Learn How to Let Go

Try a simple technique for clearing your monkey mind and heavy heart

Feel Like a Pressure Cooker…sometimes?

Yep. Me too.

This life can be so stressful. It’s so important we learn how to relax, release and let it all go.

Today we’re going to learn how to clear negativity with a special kind of writing.

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Writing is Clearing, Says Science

A recent study from the Journal of Clinical Psychology has reported that individuals who write about their emotions experience greater psychological and physical well-being compared to those who kept their emotions to themselves. [1]

So today we’re going to use a well-known and loved practice from Julia Cameron called Morning Pages, as a powerful technique for accessing greater freedom, authentic expression and happiness. [2]

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Today will be for talking about what YOU want to talk about.

Got a question? A win to celebrate? Falling apart? Just wanna let us know how you’re doin! Need some direction?

Great. Great. Great. See you at 4pm today.

We love you.
Fenix and ZoΓ« πŸ€— and Eric!

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